Quiet AirBnB Weekend Turns To Triple Homicide Bloodbath

triple homicide

Triple Homicide :Telvin Biles-Thomas Was Arrested For Three Counts Of Murder Late Thursday

The brother of Olympic gymnastics champion Simone Biles,22, Telvin Biles-Thomas has been arrested and charged with 3 counts of murder. Biles-Thomas is accused of killing three people at a New Years Eve party in Ohio.

Hours after Biles-Thomas was arrested, Simone tweeted, “eating my problems, don’t talk to me.” Biles-Thomas,24, is currently in the custody of the Liberty County, Sheriffs Department in Georgia.

The murders occurred in Biles-Thomas’ home town of Cleveland, Ohio. According to the Sheriffs department they acted on an arrest warrant out of Cleveland. The charges are murder, voluntary manslaughter, felonious assault, and perjury according to the Cleveland Police Department. According to an incident report, the incident occurred at a house party on December 31, 2018 in Cleveland. A group of uninvited people entered the home, shots rang out, and several people were shot. Three of the guests at the party died, Delvante Johnson,19, Toshaun Banks,21, and Devaughn Gibson,23.

An Investigation By The CPD Indicated That Telvin Biles-Thomas Was The Shooter in this Triple Homicide

An arrest warrant was signed for Biles-Thomas on Thursday, according to officials Biles-Thomas is on active duty in the Army. Biles-Thomas was arrested without incident at Fort Stewart Army Base in Georgia.

Representatives for Biles a four time Olympic Gold Medalist, refused to comment on the situation, saying ‘it’s a family matter’. Simone Biles was a young woman that beat the odds and rose to the highest level in the Olympic arena.

Biles and her three siblings including Biles-Thomas were placed in Foster Care when Simone was three. Their mother Sharon Biles was a drug addict and had mental health issues and couldn’t care for her children. The children were adopted by their mother’s parents, when Simone was 6. The children and their grandparents lived in the Houston, Texas area.

Simone Biles Competed On ‘Dancing With The Stars’ in 2017

Simone Biles competed on ‘Dancing With The Stars’ in 2017, she was paired with Sasha Farber, and was eliminated in the semi final round. At the time Biles said, “My biological mom was suffering from drug and alcohol abuse. She was in and out of jail, I never had a mom to run to”.

USA Gymnastics issued a statement. “In this challenging time for Simone Biles and her family. USA Gymnastics offers our continued support to Simone and her gymnastics family”. “This is a very personal and private situation for the Biles Family and we will respect their privacy”. “We hope that others will also respect the family’s privacy”.

There is no attorney for record of Biles-Thomas and he has not yet appeared before a judge. According to a source at the Sheriff’s department, he will go before a judge on Friday. There will also be a separate extradition hearing, to arrange for Biles-Thomas to be extradited back to Ohio. A source close to Simone Biles, said “She’s very close to her brother and she is devastated.”



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