Prosecutor Drops Bombshell Announcement About Michael Brown Case


Prosecutors announced that the police officer who shot and killed Michael Brown in self-defense would not be facing charges.

2014 Shooting of Michael Brown Led to BLM

Darren Wilson fatally shot 18-year-old Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri in August 2014 after the teenager violently robbed a nearby store.

Brown’s death ignited division and had some claim that racism was a culprit in his demise despite no evidence of that whatsoever. The Black Lives Matter movement founding was spurred in response to this, BBC News reports.

Because Officer Wilson is White and Brown is Black, an outcry of anger occurred and some claimed racial injustice was the reason he was shot.

Brown and Officer Get in a Tussle

The shooting happened after Wilson told Brown and another individual not to walk in the middle of the street. Wilson then said Brown came at him aggressively and tried to take his gun.

Brown’s death brought on violent riots in Ferguson, which resembles closely the riots that have been occurring around the country due to the death of George Floyd.

After considering the evidence, a St. Louis County grand jury decided against charging Wilson in November 2014. The U.S. Department of Justice also declined to indict him in March 2015.

BLM members and Brown’s parents were hopeful that the county’s first Black prosecutor, Wesley Bell, who took office in January 2019, would decide differently.

Third Investigation Clears Wilson Again

Bell decided against bringing charges against Wilson, which is the third time where an investigation took place and prosecutors decided against charging the officer.

The prosecuting attorney said his office conducted a thorough five-month investigation and looked through evidence.

“The question for this office was a simple one: Could we prove beyond a reasonable doubt that when Darren Wilson shot Michael Brown, he committed murder or manslaughter under Missouri law? After an independent and in-depth review of the evidence, we cannot prove that he did,” Bell said.

He did add that “our investigation does not exonerate Darren Wilson.”

No Crime Committed Clearly

Wilson’s attorney, Jim Tower, stated the obvious – that after three thorough investigations, it is clear that Wilson acted in self-defense and did nothing wrong.

“We all had the same conclusion: There was no crime,” Towey said. “I am just hoping that everybody gets to have some closure, particularly the Brown family.”


  1. So if 3 investigations show that Officer Wilson committed no wrong in shooting the thug who tired to kill him, then why is he not exonerated? Is it a crime to shoot blacks in the act of trying to commit murder now?

  2. The Democrats and the media have an interesting relationship with facts. Three investigations of the shooting of Michael Brown have been completed and all found no evidence that Officer Wilson did anything wrong and yet the hate generated by the shooting persists. “Hands up-don’t shoot” has become a mainstay in the catalog of misinformation still reported by both the Democrats (especially the BLM thug contingent) and the media. It seems this is a failing of the Democrats and their media, because I believe Trump has been investigate four times for colluding with Russia to win the election. Every one of those investigations found no hint of collusion and yet there are idiots in the Democrat Party and their trusty media who still insist Trump did collude. And, notice that in both of these cases it has been clearly announced that neither defendant has been exonerated-thus keeping the lie alive for another day.


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