Pro-Trump Patriots Are Making Bids for Governor in States Across the Nation

Pro-Trump Patriots are Making Bids for Governor in States Across the Nation

Pro-Trump patriots are launching bids for governor in several states across the nation, including Texas, Massachusetts, Maine, and Ohio.

With Texas Governor Greg Abbott’s approval rating at 44 percent, he is facing several challengers in the upcoming GOP primary, including comedian Chad Prather and outgoing Texas GOP Chair Allen West. Abbott has received an endorsement for his third term from Donald Trump, as the two have joined forces in visiting the border to address Joe Biden‘s immigration crisis. The main issue many voters have with Abbott is his handling of the COVID pandemic, as he was one of many GOP governors to institute authoritarian lockdowns and mask mandates against the wishes of his conservative base.

Pro-Trump Republican Geoff Diehl is challenging current GOP Governor of Massachusetts, Charlie Baker, who has the opportunity to run for a third term but has not made a formal announcement.

According to One America News, “Diehl is said to have been highly involved in President Trump’s 2016 campaign in Massachusetts and critics have said he may fair better among Trump supporters when it comes to a run against Baker, as Baker supported the impeachment of Trump following the Jan. 6 Capitol breach.”

Paul LePage, a former governor of Maine, has decided to run again in an effort to challenge current Democrat Governor Janet Mills. LePage has sided with Donald Trump in criticizing Mills for refusing to reopen Maine in 2020.

“We must work toward building a better future based on individual liberty, fiscal responsibility, and an economy which empowers everyone including our rural communities,” the pro-Trump candidate wrote on Twitter.


After Donald Trump previously hinted at calling for a primary challenger to Ohio Governor Mike Dewine (R), former U.S. Rep. Jim Rencacci has announced his run for governor. Trump endorsed Renacci for his 2018 Senate bid.

Some GOP candidates have claimed that they don’t need Trump’s endorsement to win in 2022, but Trump is calling their bluff, stating that without his support, “they’re not going to win.”