Pro-Trump GOPer Coming Out of Retirement to Retake Senate Seat

Jeff Sessions Hidden

A former stalwart conservative Republican and Trump administration official is about to dust off his suits and make another go at it.

Jeff Sessions, the former Senator from Alabama and Trump’s first Attorney General, is going to make another go at it and he wants Trump’s blessings.

Massive Support from the Party

The second Sessions decided to run, virtually the entire GOP stood behind him.

Not long after Sessions made his last-minute decision to run, a letter started to circulate within the party endorsing the former Attorney General.

Close to a dozen Republicans have already signed the letter and surely more will when it comes across their desk.

There is one signature Sessions is also hoping will be on that letter and that is that of President Donald Trump.

Mending Fences

I have always taken the stance that Jeff Sessions got a raw deal on several fronts, but some of that was his own doing.

When Sessions recused himself from the Russian collusion investigation, it took Trump by complete surprise.

Personally, I always thought this particular issue should have been discussed beforehand, as it was already on the table when Sessions was appointed.

Accurate or not, I also thought the attacks against Sessions were a bit overboard.

Sessions only made matters worse by holding on as long as possible and refusing to give up the office.

He clearly wants to put all that behind both he and Trump and plans on moving forward to once again help Trump push his agenda.

Great Opportunity

With an impeachment hearing on the horizon, publicly making up with Sessions is exactly what Trump needs right now.

These two shaking hands on national TV will do wonders for Trump’s image and show that he is willing to eat a little crow for the good of the party and his possible re-election.

Making up with Sessions will go hand-in-hand with the advice McConnell just gave Trump and will assure Trump of being able to carry Alabama, a state that absolutely loved Sessions.

Trump, thus far, has not said anything negative about Sessions post-announcement, but he has not rung the endorsement bell just yet, either.

Considering a Democrat now holds Sessions’ old seat (Senator Doug Jones), it would be wise for him to do so soon.

The only thing Trump has committed to at this point is NOT campaigning against Sessions, but he is going to have to do better than that.

This is not about pride, it is about We the People, and sooner or later, I think Trump will realize that.

Bury the hatchet, Mr. President, because this feud needs to end.

Don’t forget, then-Senator Sessions was literally the first Republican Senator to endorse Trump for president, and he was mocked for doing it.

Sessions was a true surrogate for Trump in the south and turned a lot of southerners that did not trust the New Yorker to do right by them into huge Trump supporters.

That has to count for something.

We the People need that Senate seat from Alabama to turn red again and the only way that is guaranteed to happen is for you to put your hand on Jeff Sessions’ shoulder and tell the people of Alabama that he is your guy again.

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