Principal Caught Pushing Students to Support Terrorists


The Principal of a New York City school, with a significant number of Jewish students and faculty, illegally made the repressed minority members feel “uncomfortable” by ordering teachers to promote terrorism in their lesson plans. Faculty was ordered to make a “public commitment to Palestinian liberation.” She’s not supposed to do that but she did and now the school board is trying to figure out what to do with her.

Pro-Palestinian Principal

Education officials are pulling their hair out trying to figure out a way not to get either lynched by conservative local parents or dragged through a media shark frenzy of liberal backlash. They need to figure out a way to appease both camps before Alexandria Ocasio Cortez decides to use Middle School 136 for a photo op. Rashida Tlaib is already on the way.

Pro-Palestinian Principal Amanda Bueno, in charge of brainwashing children at Brooklyn’s MS 136, sent out an inflammatory email Wednesday morning. Parents are still screaming, especially the Jewish ones.

Principal Bueno was up to no good when she ordered, in an email headed “Day of Action in Solidarity with The Palestinian Uprising & General Strike,” that teachers demand sanctions.

“If you have been watching the news in absolute horror, you are not alone,” She breathlessly typed. “You can take action today by protesting, attending a vigil, making a public commitment to Palestinian Liberation, signing a petition, or calling your government officials to place sanctions on Israel.”

The plotting principal declared the “time is now to take a stand for those impacted by state-sanctioned violence and crimes against the humanity of the most vulnerable in our world.” To her, the issue is crystal clear.

“We need not prove their humanity and right to exist for us to spread awareness about these issues. Empathy is the bare minimum.” She also included helpful links.

Notes and resources

“Here are some notes and resources from the Institute for Anti-Racist Education,” Principal Bueno wrote. Conveniently included were “Teach Palestine” and the one which caught Rashida’s attention, “American Taxpayer Money Is Being Used To Commit Human Rights Violations’ In Israel, Says Rep. Rashida Tlaib.”

One Jewish faculty member “opened the email and I was in shock. I felt very targeted and very attacked by her words. These resources she provided, it’s propaganda. There was nothing in the email about Hamas rockets targeting innocent Israeli civilians.”

According to Lawyer Inna Vernikov, who wrote a nasty note to the New York Department of Education, Principal Bueno should be punished.

“New York law forbids requesting or encouraging any public servant, city employee, or subordinate public servant/employee to engage in political activities.” Just because Democrats make the laws up as they go along doesn’t mean that they can get away with it.

Angry attorneys at agree that “NY law forbids encouraging any public servant or city employee from engaging in politics.”

“This didn’t stop Brooklyn Middle School 136 Principal Amanda Bueno from sending out a school wide email titled ‘Day of Action in Solidarity with The Palestinian Uprising & General Strike.'” If the school board doesn’t do something about it and quick, they will find themselves in court.


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