Presidential Candidate Wanted to Put a Mosque at Ground Zero…Proving Where Their Loyalty Lies

Ground Zero
Photo Courtesy of slagheap via Creative Commons License

Michael Bloomberg has continued throughout his election process touting his ability to bring back New York from the 9/11 attacks, but that is a bit ingenuous at best.

Not only is it important to expose his real role but it is just as important to note that Bloomberg once advocated for something that would have been a slap in the face to every American… the building of a mosque on the 9/11 site.

Just Common Sense

After the 9/11 attacks, then-Mayor Rudy Giuliani had put the plan in play to rebuild the city.

When Giuliani left office, for the most part, Bloomberg just needed to guide the ship to make sure it did not hit the rocks.

Unfortunately, Bloomberg almost did exactly that.

As the 9/11 rebuild project was underway, there was a request to build a mosque on ground that many Americans now consider to be hallowed.

It is just common sense that you would not build a religious building that many would take to represent the very monsters that took down the Towers in the first place.


This is nothing against Muslim Americans that truly respect and love this country but rather a way to protect them.

How much hate and anger would have been aimed at anyone going into a mosque on those grounds?

Yet, Bloomberg railed to have the mosque built there even after the application was refused.

Ego Trip

If we are being realistic, in light of the recent dropouts and endorsements, Bloomberg does not have a real path to the White House.

You could almost say that he is sabotaging the election in favor of Bernie Sanders.

With the current backing Joe Biden now has, he could possibly overtake Sanders if they were head-to-head.

Since Bloomberg is refusing to leave the race, virtually every vote he gets is taking away votes from Biden.

It is perceivable that Bloomberg could win enough votes to keep Biden outside the superdelegate number if there is a brokered election.

The fact of the matter is Bloomberg will never win over a majority of establishment Democrats because they view him as a narcissist on an ego trip that is not a true Democrat.

The only thing that makes Bloomberg relevant is his money and even as much as he has, it does not seem likely he will be able to buy his way into the White House.


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