Presidential Candidate Blasts Trump Over Fake News Story on Twitter

donald Trump
Photo Courtesy of Gage Skidmore via Creative Commons License

Democrats are so dead set on going after Trump, even presidential candidates are failing to vet stories before they attack Trump.

Marianne Williamson, the flighty candidate with no chance of winning was hoping her comments would get her back on people’s radar.

When a fake news story about Trump pardoning Charles Manson went out, she could not slam him quick enough.

Trolling Websites

The initial story was done as a satire piece on

The story claimed that Trump had issued a posthumous pardon to the notorious murderer Charles Manson.

The story was picked up by another site, the Daily Kos.

Now, here are just a few lines from the original story, so you tell me who would actually believe this…


“I always thought Charlie got a bum rap.”

“If you look at the piddling crimes he was convicted of … obstruction of justice, lying to Congress and witness tampering, it will make Roger’s pardon less odious in comparison.”

The story would go on to say that Trump stated, “The Constitution, and William Barr, give me the right to do whatever I want.”

As you can probably surmise, the story was a dig on Trump citing that Article II allowed him to do whatever he wanted.

That, however, was also a cherry-picked quote from a response Trump had given regarding the Mueller investigation.

Trump was actually saying that he could have fired Mueller had he wanted to, but he did not because he knew the optics on it would look very bad for him.

Williamson Bites

The presidential hopeful, however, did not check things diligently before she took a shot at Trump.

While Williamson has since deleted the tweet, according to a Fox News report, she reportedly sent out the tweet below when she read the story…

In a follow-up tweet after the story broke, Williamson stated, “Glad to have been wrong.”

Well, when you are running for president, we would hope that you would do at least a minute of research to ensure you are ripping POTUS over something that actually happened!


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