President Trump Tested for Coronavirus

Donald Trump
Photo Courtesy of Gage Skidmore via Creative Commons License

On several occasions, President Trump has been in contact with individuals who have either tested positive for coronavirus or interacted with someone who has.

The concern has been growing regarding his health even though he was not showing any signs of having coronavirus.

After repeated peppering by the press for him to take the test, he finally did, and his results were negative.

In Contact

The first notable concern was raised when a CPAC attendee tested positive.

While that man did not come in direct contact with Trump, Trump did come in contact with others who had spent minimal time with the man, including Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) and Mr. Schlapp.

Members of the Brazilian delegation that spent time at Mar-a-Lago had also tested positive, putting some members of the White House staff on self-quarantine.

All the while, Trump had never shown any signs of the virus, so he had not been tested, but said he would if his doctors recommended it.

This weekend, more or less to put this issue to bed, Trump finally took the test.

White House physician Dr. Sean Conley (via a statement released by Press Secretary Stephanie Grisham) stated, “Last night after an in-depth discussion with the President regarding COVID-19 testing, he elected to proceed.

“This evening I received confirmation that the test is negative.

“One week after having dinner with the Brazilian delegation in Mar-a-Lago, the President remains symptom-free.

“I have been in daily contact with the CDC and White House Coronavirus Task Force, and we are encouraging implementation of all their best practices for exposure reduction and transmission mitigation.”

The news may not be received well by social media trolls that have been hoping Trump would test positive.

Expanding the Travel Ban

Earlier in the week, the Trump administration announced it was adding 26 European countries to the travel ban.

At the time, some outlets, such as Politico, suggested Trump specifically did not include the UK and Ireland to the ban to protect his hotel interests in those countries.

That bogus narrative was debunked when it was revealed that the team of medical experts suggested those countries due to the level of outbreaks as well as saying the UK was also in consideration after seeing a recent spike.

On Saturday, the UK and Ireland were officially added to the travel ban for the coronavirus.

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