President Trump Says U.S. ‘Locked & Loaded’ After Saudi Drone Attack


President Donald Trump Says ‘Rest Assured’ We Are Ready For Iran If Necessary

This weekend’s drone attack on Saudi Arabia by Iran, has caused the oil supply there, to be cut in half. The U.S. released footage that they say proves it was Iran that was responsible for the attack.

The attack say officials investigating the matter, say fuel supply’s around the world could be threatened now as a result of the attack. President Trump took to his trusted method of communication on Sunday, Twitter. He assured his millions of followers, that ‘The U.S. is locked and loaded and ready’.

Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo wasted no time shortly after the attack, saying ‘Iran was responsible for the attack’. Trump however delivered some caveats to his Twitter message. He said ‘we’re waiting to be notified by the Saudi government, regarding who is responsible for the attack’. It’s been made clear by several U.S. sources that it was in fact Iran that orchestrated the attack, Trump said we have to be officially notified by Saudi Arabia ‘before we proceed’.

President Trump Delivered His Tweets After A National Security Meeting At The White House

On Sunday President Trump held an emergency meeting at the White House. In attendance at the meeting was Vice President Mike Pence, Secretary Mike Pompeo, and Defense Secretary Mike Esper.

Hours before the meeting, Houti rebels in Yemen claimed responsibility for the attack. U.S. Intelligence officials, said satellite imagery from the attack site says it’s inconsistent with Yemen as a location for a starting point of the drone.

Iran released a statement saying that the ‘U.S. is engaging in maximum lies’ and they had no involvement in the drone strike. Iran also warned, that they ‘have the ballistic capability to hit any U.S. Base in the Middle east.


Government officials presented satellite proof that they say shows the attacks on an oil processing plant in Abqaiq, Saudi Arabia. Drone experts working with the U.S. Government, say that the imagery revealed the attacks originated from Iraq or Iran. The experts do not believe the attack was launched from Yemen.

Iraq Said On Sunday They Were Not Involved In The Drone Attack On The Saudi Oil Refinery

Iraqi officials on Sunday denied any involvement in the attack. U.S. officials do not believe it was Iraq, as it would violate their sovereignty. Another detail that was revealed on Sunday was that several missiles that did not reach their targets were retrieved. The missiles are being annalized by officials from Saudi Arabia and the United States.

A source that did not want to be identified, said that it’s not impossible that the drone was launched from Yemen. The source added ‘it’s still being analyzed, and investigated, and can’t be ruled out’. This attack is adding logs on the fire, of an already fragile situation in the region. U.S. Officials called for an attack on Iran in response to the strike in Saudi. Iran warned of ‘dire consequences if ‘the U.S. takes any action against them.’


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