Warren Has a Tactic For Her Campaign- Lies and False Information


Elizabeth Warren’s Own Pregnancy Account Is Called In To Question

Senator Elizabeth Warren (Mass.-D) finds herself once again in the middle of controversy. This time centered around Warren’s claims that she didn’t get a job when she was pregnant.

Her email says, “By June I was visibly pregnant, and the principle told me the job I’d already been promised for the next June, was going to someone else”. The story is not at all new, it has been told in some form, by Warren in the past.

She claims that her dream ‘for a long time was to be a teacher’. Warren was a public school teacher in 1970, she taught children with learning disabilities for a year. According to records obtained by the ‘Washington Free Beacon’, her current fundraising pitch is full of holes.

The records indicate that Warren was offered a new contract for the next academic school year at ‘Riverdale Elementary School’. However, after Warren received the offer she resigned a few months later. Her claims that the principle did not offer her another contract because she was ‘visibly’ pregnant appear to be false.

The Warren Employment Records Align With Statements Warren Made In 2007

In 2007 Warren was a guest speaker at The University of California, Berkeley, she talked about her position as a school teacher. Warren said, ‘she decided to get out of the elementary level teaching field, because the graduate level courses she was required to take didn’t fit in with her schedule’.

Well called on her discrepancy in her bio, she said that her claims about not getting an employment offer do to her pregnancy are true. She told CBS, “All I know is 22 years old, I was 6 months pregnant and the job I was promised went to someone else. The principle said they were going to give someone one else my job”.


Along with Warren’s own questionable employment account she asks her supporters to ‘share their own pregnancy discrimination stories’. She continues in her email, “It’s important for the public to know just how pervasive pregnancy discrimination is”.

Warren said many families are affected when a loved one is dealing with this serious issue at work. She goes on to say, “If you or someone you know has been discriminated due to being pregnant please share your story with me”.

Pregnancy “We Can Fight Back By Telling Our Stories, I tell Mine On The Campaign Trail”

Warren says that by telling these pregnancy stories on the campaign trail it ’empowers others to take action’. Various people working on opposing campaigns have also required ‘meeting notes’ from that time period.

Those notes reveal that Warren’s story is completely fabricated, and she was offered another contract. Anti discrimination laws regarding pregnant women in the work place were enacted in 1978.

Warren says the incident she is trying to highlight took place in 1971, before the laws were on the books. Furthermore, she said that when she started her teaching position, she just had ‘an emergency teaching certificate’. In order to stay with the school she would have had to take graduate level courses.


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