Poll Worker Turns Whistleblower…Leaks Voting Corruption Situation (Video)

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One Nevada poll watcher is speaking out after election officials denied him access to the building. His account is one of many similar stories heard across the country as Republicans have been locked out of polling stations. Many of these states later flipped to Biden in the days following the election.

Poll workers speaking out

One Nevada poll watcher is telling reporters what happened when he tried to perform his civic duty on election night. “I came with the Trump campaign and was stereotyped in that regard. I was not able to obtain access and things got a little aggressive.

It was 1:30 a.m. and they asked me ‘Why are you here?’ And my response was ‘It’s election night, and you guys are counting ballots.’ We were asked to leave. This was an attack on conservative media. Other outlets were allowed full access, but we were not given any access.”

Nevada stopped publicly updating poll results on election night and many Americans were suspicious about the move. The state assured voters they just needed extra time to count the unprecedented number of mail-in ballots they received. “We told everyone early on that results would take at least ten days,” Secretary of State spokeswoman Jennifer Russell said in an email.

In a controversial move, the Nevada Legislature passed a bill in August to send a mail-in ballot to all 1.7 million of its active registered voters with the hope of preventing the spread of Covid-19 at the polls.

Any ballots received that were postmarked by election day would be considered valid and would be counted. Therefore, votes continued to come in after the 3rd. “It’s been a different year for us,” said Deanna Spikula, registrar of voters in Washoe County. “The volume is definitely something that we’ve never seen before in the state as far as receiving and processing mail-in ballots.”

Republicans barred from entry

A similar account is coming out of Gillespie County, Texas. Early morning on election day several volunteers arrived at the elections office to watch the county handle ballots and count votes.

The two women, who were both appointed by Republican candidates, were prepared with their official applications in hand only to be denied. Desperate for answers, the poll watchers were told by a judge that they were disqualified due to “current litigation involving poll watching.”

The women were furious and demanded more answers, only to threatened with trespassing charges. “Basically they didn’t really want to discuss it,” one of the women told reporters. “He’s in charge and we’re out and the police are there saying ‘If you don’t leave, you’re going to be taken for trespassing.’”

Is it possible that Joe Biden won the presidency by getting the largest popular vote of all time, beating even Barack Obama’s historic win in 2008? The guy can’t get 100 people to show up to a rally.

Is it possible that many Americans voted for Republicans in the Senate and House while voting for Joe Biden for President? Many on the Right are skeptical. Reports of voter fraud are pouring in from all over the country and the President is taking swift legal action, demanding investigations and recounts in key states. This election is far from over.


  1. Due to the widespread voter fraud committed by Democrats, declare election results for Biden null and void, and award the victory to Donald Trump. The evidence speaks for itself, Trump is the rightful POTUS. If the Supreme Court doesn’t make this right, they they are sending clear message by condoning fraud, and therefore makes them useless and should all be fired.

  2. We all knew Desmocrats along with United States Post office they eere going to be a lot of fraudelant going on with mail in ballets just look how many postal workers dumped ballots in dumpsters all over America. They all should get ten years in prison. And we all know george low life obama hillary all democrats are i volved 100 percent. Should call this null and void. And do is. Legal only voting its our country not the elegal muslims and foreignors

  3. I even had whitewright post office asking why i havent vote democrat. They had no right e mailing me time after time how are they supposed to know if i voted yet are who i voted for total corruption

  4. Democraps have been trying to get Trump out since before he won in 2016 Beatinv the Blessed of Obozo one Hitlery. They tried to impeach him and that failed now they are doing everything they can to deny Trump the Second Term Americans want him to have. They will cheat and worse to get rid of Trump. Pedo Joe is not the one who the Democraps will cheat into the White House. The Ho will and America will be DOOMED when they do.


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