Bikini Wearing Woman With Ankle Monitor At Convenience Store Goes Viral


A Video Of Unique Scene Goes Viral In Minutes


A picture of a convenience store ‘checkout area’ has gone viral. The scene shows two young women wearing bikinis standing in front of a cash register paying for their items.

Both women seem oblivious to the men, and woman standing nearby staring at them. The snapped picture went viral shortly after it was posted.

However people were commenting not really because of the attire of the women. On a closer look of one of the women, there is an interesting piece Of ‘jewelry’ one of them is wearing.

One woman has an ankle monitor on the bottom part of her right leg. She is either out of jail on bail, or has been ordered to perform some sort of house arrest for a crime she committed. 

Image Was Posted On The Social Platform ‘Imgur’ When It Was Seen Over A 100,000 Times

Nothing adds to your summer look like a court ordered ankle monitor…


One viewer commented, “Nothing adds to summer like a court ordered ankle monitor”. Another said, “At least we know she likes 100m walks on the beach”.

According to law enforcement officials in the area, a person can walk within 3000 feet of their home, while wearing an ankle monitor.

Due to that fact the woman probably lives relatively close to the convenience store. If not she could have been arrested shortly after the picture was taken. 




    • It is just like Democrats to think this is a monitor when it might be a place where a surf board line would be attached so she does not lose the board when she flops. Just saying.

  1. Maybe it is a type of wallet or coin purse affixed to her ankle so she won’t lose it! Looks like it is duct tapped to her leg. Any way who cares, they must be close enough to the beach and just went to the store for something maybe sunblock, or something. So many of these young women just walk around like this it is just like normal anymore. Besides who is complaining, the female body is a beautiful thing and men react to visual stimulus. It’s like looking at a beautiful piece of art in a museum, lovely to admire and appreciate but you don’t want to own it, unless the attraction is mutual.

  2. Well, guys and ladies, that is what you wear on the beach, of course, not me any more, due to ageism. Of course in my youth, while swimming in a one piece suit, I got told by the life guard, your breasts are showing while swimming with my head up so as not to drown. Never swam again.


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