Peter Buttigieg Doubles Down on Abortion…Claims A Pregnancy Can Be Terminated Up Until The First Breath


Mayor Peter Buttigieg of South Bend, Indiana Says Human Life Begins At First Breath

The 2020 Presidential candidate, ‘Mayor Peter‘ as he’s called, was a guest on the Breakfast Club radio show on Friday. Buttigieg is an openly gay, very liberal pro-choice advocate who also claims to be a Christian.

On Friday he received a lot of raised eyebrows, to his controversial remarks about ‘when life actually begins’. The mayor said he doesn’t believe a life is viable until the baby takes it’s first breath.

Buttigieg tried to justify his statements with correlations in the bible, an item he’s frequently seen with on the campaign trial. Buttigieg said, that there are places in the bible that suggests that life does not begin until a baby can breath on it’s own. He said “even with that, people can interpret that very differently”.

Mayor Pete Said Regardless Of Your Belief System A Mother Is The One Who Ultimately Decides On Life

Buttigieg wanted to make it clear, that it doesn’t really matter what anyone thinks about abortion. The ultimate decisions on whether a pregnancy will progress or not is up to the mother.

The American College of Pediatrics has a very different view point on when life begins compared to Mayor Pete. They say that life begins at the point of conception and not after. These remarks that Buttigieg made is just a little less than a week before the Democratic debates.

The first two debates had over 20 candidates vying for attention over two nights. This third time in Houston, Texas will have 10 candidates on one night on September 12th and will be carried by (MSM)ABC.

Buttigieg made the cut, and will battle Bernie Sanders and Joe Biden for a shot at getting the Democratic nomination. Buttigieg popularity in the party comes very surprising to some. He has managed to cut his path through to the nomination by getting rid of governors and senators.

Peter Has Consistently Polled Well Always Being In The Top Ten Tier Of The Party

Recently Buttigieg was asked if Mike Pence would make a better president than Donald Trump. Peter said ‘the answer is both’, and asked if it has to be a choice between Pence and Trump. He went on to explain that the subject of Mike Pence is ‘very strange’.

Furthermore, he said he used to think ‘well at least Pence believes in the laws and in the basic institutions of our government’. He continued, ‘ I really don’t understand if he is sane I don’t get it’. Peter said he doesn’t understand how Pence can be on board with ‘the likes of Donald Trump’. He went on about Pence, “His interpretation of the scriptures is very different from mine to begin with”. He said ‘he believes the scriptures are about protecting the stranger, the sick and the poor’. Peter said ‘Pence is more concerned about sexuality while being the cheerleader for the porn star presidency’.


  1. It’s sad to hear Pete’s view on abortion. Life begins at conception. These mothers who choose abortion should have thought about their “choice” of using a contraceptive device to prevent an unwanted pregnancy. And there are many couples who would love to adopt these babies. Adoption is a much better alternative.

  2. Mayor Buttigieg is just as wrong about this subject as he is about his chances of winning the Presidency. Life begins at the moment of conception. Just as with his idea that he could run for President, it then became his responsibility to nourish & protect that idea so that he could see it to fruition. I don’t mean to bring up a very controversial issue but I feel it must be said. Buttigieg does not nor will he ever have the ability to conceive a child or give birth to that child. That task was ordained by God, our Creator to be the responsibility of the female gender. As a female & mother I am insulted by those who want to tell me what conception, then nine months of pregnancy, actually growing another human being inside my body feels like. For Pete & all the other pro-abortion nimrods who think this is OKAY, all I can say is that you will have a rude awakening on Judgement Day. If the baby is not alive until the first breath how do those like Pete and the abortionist explain how I felt my baby move about, kick, have an audible heartbeat? I’ve helped with pregnant mothers ultrasounds where we watched the baby move about & there are numerous ultrasounds that seem to show the baby waving or smiling. Do some research about a very well known surgeon, Dr. Ben Carson who is infamous for his successful lifesaving surgical intervention while the child was in the womb. How is this possible if the fetus is not a LIVING BEING? This is a living Child & when terminated it becomes a victim of Murder.


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