Pentagon Reveals What Happened During Final Moments


The Pentagon is now revealing what happened during the final moments in late August when American enemies ISIS-K attacked them!

On a Monday in late August, the Pentagon revealed that at least five rockets had been fired at Hamid Karzai International Airport (HKIA) in the midst of the final evacuation flights. Indeed, one rocket even landed within the grounds of the airport, showing everyone who is really in charge here. Newsflash: it sure isn’t the United States!

That’s right. ISIS-K is the terrorist group that was behind this late August suicide bombing attack in Kabul that killed not only hundreds of Afghanistan citizens but also 13 American service members, as noted by Fox News.

“As many as five rockets were fired at the Hamid Karzai International Airport in Kabul on Monday local time,” according to CNN, which spoke to a Biden Administration official.

The official did note that the American forces had intercepted the rockets.

“The C-RAM defense system installed at the airport engaged with the rockets, the official said. There are no reports of any casualties at this time,” according to CNN. ‘C-RAM is an automated system that detects incoming attacks and uses a machine gun to destroy the incoming fire before it can hit its target. The system has been used in Iraq and Afghanistan to intercept and destroy incoming projectiles targeting US forces.”

“The US official said the rockets aimed at the airport were likely launched by ISIS-K but cautioned it was too early to know for sure,” CNN reported.


You might notice that we have a picture of a burned-out husk of a vehicle with what apparently is rocket launcher tubes in the back and aimed out the back window. THIS Is what we are dealing with, folks, so didn’t we deserve to have a pull-out from Biden that was organized and well-thought-out? That’s not what we got. It doesn’t take an Ivy League education or being a foreign policy expert to realize that.

“The car is totally incinerated, and it is covered with debris. The vehicle has missing glass from all of the windows and the rubber has been completely melted off from the tires. The car has evidently been modified, with tubes visible inside the charred skeleton,” one official said.

Pentagon Press Secretary John Kirby said on Monday that “one of the rockets fired at Kabul Airport in an attack last night had landed inside the perimeter and they had no effect whatsoever on the mission.”

The evacuation efforts from Kabul Airport definitely began to slow over the weekend. Just the day prior, there had only been 1,200 people who had been evacuated from Kabul, and it was still not known how many Americans or Afghans had remained.

Most of the liberals were saying that this pull-out and the results of it were the “best possible outcome” but it was literally just like turning on a light switch as quickly as the Taliban got back into power. And all of it was due to Joe Biden’s flawed leadership.