Another day, another corrupt Muslim politician exposed.

This time, it is PA State Representative Movita Johnson-Harrell.

More Financial Corruption

It was a really big deal when Muslims were elected to both state Houses and to Congress.

For all the celebration the Democrat party did, it is now being shamed.

On a national level, there was Rep. Ilhan Omar that has been brought up on finance campaign violations twice.

From what we have seen thus far, she was using her campaign funds as a personal ATM.

Rep. Rashida Tlaib is currently under investigation for financial violations as well.

And now, we have PA State Rep. Johnson-Harrell, who was using a charity she established for both personal reason and to boost her own campaign.

The violations by both Omar and Tlaib look like petty theft compared to what Johnson-Harrell has been accused of doing.

The Charges

The Muslim PA State representative was charged with using $500,000 to buy fur coats and to fund both vacations and her own political campaign.

In all, there were eight charges announced against her.

Johnson-Harrell announced she is going to resign and now she faces possible jail time for her alleged crimes.

Her resignation will be come into effect on December 13.

For her part, Johnson-Harrell has, of course, denied some of the charges against her.

She stated, “While I dispute many of the allegations lodged against me, I accept responsibility for some missteps made before I became an elected official.”

While she claims that she will “survive” the charges, PA Attorney General Josh Shapiro’s office stated that she plans to plead guilty, but his office did not indicate if she is pleading guilty to all charges or if they cut some sort of sweetheart deal with the corrupt politician.


  1. Reasons why Muslims should not be allowed in any of our government offices. If they believe in the Koran and Sharia law, they cannot swear to uphold the Constitution of the United States. Why is our government allowing them to swear on the Koran when elected? Their beliefs are so incompatible with our Constitution. Their main goal is to overtake our country from within. When are our politicians going to see and understand this?

  2. Please send her back to Somalia where she can exercise her rights as a muslim women to wear a hajib (bag) over her head.She will be free of hijab hating american Women,when she is exercising this right .

  3. The real question is will any of these evil people be punished? I have my doubts. They are not here to assimilate, they are here to destroy and take control.

  4. You put these dogs in our country and then you put them in our Congress and now you’re trying to ruin our country time to bring back the rope let him rot on the rope

  5. America, wake up before it is too late for our country. These criminal Muslims have only one agenda, to take over our country and our people. We cannot allow them into our government, we must not elect them to our highest positions. This is their plan, to take over our country “peacefully”, and we are allowing them to do it. This is a crisis for all of us, we are electing people that are enemies of our way of life, they plan to change everything that we hold dear. Think of our children and grandchildren, if our enemies take over our land, what will their future be like?


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