Pelosi Refuses to Admit Iranians Protesting Regime, Video Says Otherwise

Nancy Pelosi
Photo via RNC Research Twitter Video Screenshot

Over the weekend, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) appeared on “This Week” on ABC to discuss the happenings in Iran.

When shown video of the protests and told specifically the crowd was chanting, “death to Khomeini,” she still could not admit the protesters where there against the Iranian regime.

It Is What It Is, Nancy

How bad is it that Democrats would rather push a false narrative about a country hating our guts and support a terrorist regime than admit the truth?

That is literally what is happening right now with Democrat leadership and Iran.

When ABC’s George Stephanopoulos asked Pelosi to weigh in, asking her, “We’re seeing demonstrations in the streets of Iran against the regime.

“Do you support those protesters?”

She responded, “Well, the protesters are protesting about the fact that the plane went down and many students were on that plane.”


Stephanopoulos fired back, “They’re accusing the regime of lying, saying ‘Death to the Dictator’ as well.

To which Pelosi replied, “Well, whatever it is. But the fact is, there were protesters in the streets before… There are different reasons why people are in the street.”

Here is the snippet from the interview…

Yes, it is true that people were in the streets to support Soleimani, but there were just as many thrilled that his terrorist reign was over, something the media barely covered.

When Iran finally admitted it shot down that airliner, the media had no choice but to cover the reaction from Iranians.

Pelosi and her fellow Democrats, however, refuse to admit there are some Iranians that actually support our country.

You can hear it in her voice and her statement about the Iranians protesting the United States.

I really wish Stephanopoulos would have shown her this video and asked her to explain it…

Imagine that… the flags of both Israel and the United States are on the ground, ready to be trampled, yet the Iranian protesters walk around the flags, treating them both with far more respect than the liberals in our own country do.

President Trump even felt the need to thank them for respecting our flag…

Here is another video of Iranians literally kicking in posters of Soleimani and tearing them down…

Most of this footage, however, will be buried by the mainstream media because they simply cannot allow you to see that what Donald Trump is doing is working.

He is liberating a terrorist nation and its citizens are grateful, yet Joe Biden calls it a failed foreign policy that is destroying the moral fabric of our country and the world.

Dems can continue to spew their rhetoric, but, just like Pelosi did this weekend, they will continue to embarrass themselves for pushing a narrative the entire world can see is nothing more than fake news.