Pelosi And Schumer Want A Ton More Of Your Tax Dollars


Comrade Pelosi and her brother Bolshevik Chuck Schumer want to raid a ton of your tax dollars from the U.S. Treasury. After reaching bipartisan deals in both the House and Senate to pass a desperately needed stimulus package for individual Americans, without too much quarreling over it, the Democrats have returned to their old “set up a slush fund then rob it” tricks.

A little slice from half a trillion dollars

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi teamed up with her brother communist Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer on Wednesday to figure out how they could get their fingers into another half a trillion bucks. If they’re in charge of doling it out, nobody will notice if they slice a little off for themselves.

By calling their scheme an “interim emergency” coronavirus package they think they can sidetrack a quick “$500 billion in additional” slush-funding by cashing in on the fiscal urgency, before Congress as a whole starts working on a more comprehensive and better regulated relief bill.

As the federal government scampers to throw money at the virus crisis, Pelosi and Schumer sprang their “Democrats’ priorities for small businesses and working families” bill. They want to shake loose a few billion more dollars that would fall in the cracks between the “Phase 3” CARES Act individual stimulus and the upcoming and much larger “Phase 4” full scale economic relief plan.

Time to move fast

“The heartbreaking acceleration of the coronavirus crisis,” Pelosi and Schumer wrote in a statement about their scheme Wednesday morning, “demands bold, urgent and ongoing action from Congress to protect Americans’ lives and livelihoods.”

“Democrats have said since Day One, Congress must provide additional relief for small businesses and families, building on the strong down-payment made in the bipartisan CARES Act.” And the time to do it is before Congress starts looking at the big picture.

A happy band of wealth distributors

For openers, Robbing Hood and Maid Nancy want to rob $250 billion dollars off the Treasury department and share the wealth with poor small businesses, “channeled through community-based financial institutions that serve farmers, family, women, minority and veteran-owned small businesses, as well as nonprofits in rural, tribal, suburban and urban communities.” Especially the ones that Pelosi and Schumer have open or hidden financial interests in.


After that they plan to liberate $100 billion for hospitals, community health centers and health systems “providing desperately needed resources to the frontlines of the crisis, including production and distribution of national rapid testing and personal protective equipment.” Out of thin air, for a small handling fee built in somewhere along the line.

Then, they’re looking for an additional $150 billion for state and local governments including California and San Francisco. That’s to replenish their bank accounts. Or, as they say, to “mitigate lost revenue.” To gain public support for their scheme, they vow to provide “strong additional support for families on food stamps by increasing the maximum SNAP benefit by 15 percent.” That ought to go over well with Democrats but conservatives say that Republicans will never put up with it.


  1. those 2 will do any thing to cheat the american tax payers out of ever cent they can.Both need to be gone along with a few more of their commie buddies.If i hate my country the way they do,think i would find another country to go to,that is if///if another country would allow me to cross their shore.I pray GOD removes them in the near future.

  2. We DO NOT need any more stimulus money with democrat strings attached. What has been done so far is plenty. The U.S. can weather this storm without going bankrupt with bill after bill after bill of frivolous spending.


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