Patriots are Getting REAL SICK AND TIRED of the Corruption, and Now it’s FINALLY Starting to Show

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American patriots are fed up. Now they’re fighting back. Some Democrat lawmakers are worried about threats of violence following the 2020 presidential election. It’s strange they were never concerned about their BLM thugs rioting and killing all summer.

Democrats are scared to death of patriots

Democrats made their beds, and now they have to lie in it. After years of harassing and assaulting patriots, we’ve finally had enough.

In a recent interview with The Hill, Gabriel Sterling, a top election official in Georgia, criticized President Trump for continuing to “feed the fire of voter fraud disinformation” and urged him to “act more responsibly. Someone’s going to get hurt. Someone’s going to get shot.”

In other words, Democrats want President Trump and his supporters to ignore the massive evidence of voter fraud, concede to Joe Biden and quietly fade away into obscurity.

They must not know President Trump very well. The man is a fighter, and he will not give up on American patriots. We’ve come too far to back down now.

Sterling told The Hill he was motivated to issue his plea after he received a call about a young IT contractor for Dominion Voting Systems who had been targeted with a tweet that included a picture of a noose and accused the contractor of treason.

He’s worried about a tweet? This guy should take a look at the replies to President Trump’s tweets. It’s some of the most vicious nasty stuff you can find on the internet.


Trump supporters take over DC

Thousands of Trump supporters poured into Washington DC this weekend for the Million MAGA March. It was the second march in the past month and they even got a flyover from Marine One while they sang the National Anthem. It was a touching, patriotic moment.

All year Americans watched as radical Left-wing mobs burned cities, looted businesses, harassed Trump supporters and even murdered a few patriots in the middle of the street.

The Left encouraged this behavior by smearing Trump and his supporters as racists, Nazis and Klan members. W

ell it seems enough is enough. When Antifa showed up to DC to cause trouble this weekend, patriots fought back hard. There were multiple street brawls and several people were stabbed. Thankfully, nobody was killed, but this will surely escalate in the coming months. This is just the beginning.


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