Parents Get Doxxed, LOOK Who is Behind it


Anyone with the Google Drive link could access “portions of social security numbers, addresses, mortgage payments, divorce filings, and bankruptcy filings” along with photos of the students who have provocative parents. Imagine finding out that your name is in a secret database the school board was keeping against their troublemakers.

Parents demand answers

Parents of students in Arizona’s Scottsdale Unified School District hit the ceiling when they “discovered that the local school board president had access to a Google Drive with the personal information of families who opposed mask mandates and critical race theory.”

They’re wondering if Attorney General Merrick Garland has a copy, since he considers angry moms and dads to be domestic terrorists.

One of the deplorable parents, Kim Stafford, made the discovery when she got a nastygram in the form of an email from board President Jann-Michael Greenburg.

It accused Stafford of being “anti-Semitic” for comments critical of George Soros. To back the accusation up, Greenburg included a screenshot which he didn’t notice “included a link to the Google drive, which Stafford then shared with friends.” If it was that easy to hack, who else has a copy of that link?

There are 47 people SUSD is keeping close tabs on. Most are individuals who “expressed opposition to mask mandates and critical race theory.”

Files in the drive include “photographs of some children of district parents.” The folder headings say it all. “Press Conference Psychos,” “Anti Mask Lunatics,” and “SUSD Wackos.”


Only ‘psychos’ demand transparency

All it takes to get into the folder marked “Press Conference Psychos” is hold a sign like “SUSD We Demand Transparency,” or, worse yet, “CRT is Racist.” Students might start to get the idea that freedom of speech rights are still protected.

When the parents found out they were targeted on special hit list, they alerted the media. Armed with hidden cameras, they went on the offensive.

“A video obtained by Independent Newsmedia allegedly showed Mark Greenburg, Jann-Michael Greenburg’s father, taking photos of parents and children without their knowledge at a local high school on August 24, hours before a school board meeting.”

They quickly trotted out the plausible deniability. The School Board president and his father are both playing dumb.

“I categorically deny having anything to do with any of this,” the board president asserts. “If you are going to claim in a story right now, that I had anything to do with this, I would argue that crosses the line.” His father Mark was on the other line.

“We are going to have forensic IT staff look into this and figure out what that is. You can file with law enforcement, I am not sure even why we are looking at these photos.” He doesn’t deny that the link exists in a photo he personally sent in an email to one of the filed parents either. He doesn’t have any connection to it, yet, other than the email he sent, so threw his dad under the bus. “Mark Greenburg is listed as the owner of the Google drive.” They share a computer.