Parents and Students Mark Your Calendars, Nationwide School Walkout That You Want To Be A Part Of

A child in a medical mask during a coronavirus pandemic

Parents and students are fed up with draconian orders being shoved down their throats and now they are organizing a national school walkout.

School Walkout Protest

The walkout protest is set for September 10th at 10:00 am local times.

A video by the NPC show was uploaded to YouTube and Bitchute and gives the details.

The video also appears on TikTok and is filmed by the user @logicandliberty who has close to 65,000 followers.

The Details

The woman in the video explains the details:

Okay, parents, it’s time. If you are against the mask and vaccine mandates in our schools, please join us Friday, September 10th at 10:00 am your local time for a nationwide walkout. It’s time to take a stand against these mandates. If not us then who? If not now then when?

Please join us Friday, September 10th at 10 am. We chose this date to ensure that as many people as possible can participate as some kids do not go back to school until after Labor Day.

Use the hashtag #WalkOutUSA and spread it with anyone you believe is ready to take a stand against these mandates in our schools.

Despite science showing that children are much more likely to die of the flu than they are COVID, liberal school boards and governments are forces children to mask themselves for the entire school day. Not only does this have potential negative health effects, but mentally it is a concern as well.

Children are not seeing proper facial expressions which could hamper their emotional growth and wellbeing.

Suicide poses a much greater risk to young people than coronavirus does by a long shot. Studies have found that there have been 5 times more child suicide deaths than COVID deaths in the same timeframe.

Parents and Students Say Enough

Parents and students are fed up and it is showing. This national walkout day has the potential to show school boards that there will no longer be participating in mandates and rules that go against common sense.