Papadopoulos Burns FBI Rats for All to See


George Papadopoulos forgot all about the Facebook messages he got three years ago from an old college classmate. Now that more Russiagate documents have been declassified, they took on a whole new meaning. “The guy in the transcripts is Jeffery Wiseman,” Papadopoulos insists. “100%.” Now that the writing is on the wall, he burned the rats very publicly for all to see.

Papadopoulos thought it was a joke

Papadopoulos thought his friend from DePaul University was joking on March 9, 2017, when he posted “Do you want me to get you a burner phone from South Carolina?”

The associate of Donald Trump dodged a Deep State bullet that day. “Lmao,” Papadopoulos replied. His friend was insistent. “I’ll pay cash and get it from a random gas station so you can’t be traced,” Jeffery Wiseman typed. “Seriously.”

That conversation came three weeks after the Federal Bureau of Instigation showed up at the front door of Papadopoulos on January 27, 2017. They wanted to pump him for information about “his tenure on the Trump campaign,” recently revealed court documents confirm.

He didn’t know it at the time but he was already considered a key target in the FBI’s “counterintelligence investigation.” The one that was trying to pin anything they could on Donald Trump to pry him back out of the Oval Office.

Back to the drawing board

On February 16, 2017 The bureau darkened Papadopoulos’ door again, this time they brought a lawyer along. “Kevin Clinesmith, an FBI attorney, was present at that meeting.” They didn’t get anything useful so they went back to the drawing board.

The next day, “I get a frantic phone call from Jeffery where he’s like ‘dude, the FBI just came to my house. They’re asking a million questions about you. They’re showing me pictures of me and you at a casino.'” Papadopoulos had no reason to doubt him, “He was acting like it was a shock.”

After he hung up, Papadopoulos was as rattled by the call as the FBI wanted him to be. It was obvious “that the FBI was more serious about investigating him than he previously knew.” He just had no idea why. Now he knows the whole thing was just an act. It all adds up that Wiseman is the “confidential human source 3” cited by FBI transcripts.

There is no doubt about it. “The guy in the transcripts is Jeffery Wiseman, 100 percent.” He remembers having lunch with Wiseman and “with another friend, identified as ‘Omar.'” on October 23, 2016. Six days later they met again for lunch and a trip to a casino.


It isn’t rocket science

There is no way Papadopoulos could forget those incidents because, “he had not seen his friends in years, and he rarely gambles.” You don’t need to be a mathematician to add it up. “I was able to put two and two together,” he notes.

Papadopoulos never suspected for an instant that Wiseman was a rat. Thinking back on what happened, he wonders if the FBI was trying to plant the burner phone on him to monitor his calls or just to “paint him as engaging in deceptive behavior.” Either way, he relates, “it’s scary.”

He thinks they were trying to entrap him the same way they did Michael Flynn. “I think they were trying to get me in an obstruction thing, where I would tell them on a recorded line, ‘Dude, don’t talk to the feds.’ And then the feds would have used that as part of the obstruction of justice charge,” he told the Daily Caller News foundation.

The FBI agents must have been pulling out their hair when the only thing the microphones were picking up was small talk. They discussed “their mutual friends, romantic interests, and career prospects,” but not a single word about Russians.

I know it for a fact

Wiseman even tried to steer the conversation in the direction he wanted it to go, prodding Papadopoulos “about his work on the Trump campaign and his interactions with foreign governments and officials.”

Wiseman almost choked on his lunch during the second meeting when “Papadopoulos told Wiseman that the Trump campaign was not working with Russia and was not involved in releasing Democrats’ emails published by WikiLeaks.” He clearly remembers Wiseman turning green as he asked, “You don’t think anyone from the Trump campaign had anything to do with [profanity] over the DNC?” Without hesitation, Papadopoulos declared, “No, I know that for a fact.”

Wiseman was the second agent to target Papadopoulos and blow it. On September 2, 2016, Cambridge Professor Stefan Halper called him “out of the blue to invite him to London to discuss working on a research project related to energy issues in the Middle East.” He even paid the expenses.

When he got there Papadopoulos was introduced to his “honey pot” assistant, Azra Turk. We now know that Halper was Source 2 in the Horowitz report and that he also targeted Carter Page and Sam Clovis. Halper also “peppered Papadopoulos with questions about the Trump campaign’s possible involvement in the hack of Democrats’ emails.” All while bragging about “his links to former Russian spies.” Papadopoulos didn’t take the bait because there wasn’t any shady deals.

All the recordings ever captured was Papadopoulos rejecting “the idea that the Trump campaign conspired with the Kremlin.” He even called doing things like that “treason and therefore illegal.”


  1. Why are these FBI criminals not already in prison? I for one will never talk to any FBI agent for any reason. They are not to be trusted.

    • Never ever talk to an FBI or anyone else from the government unless your lawyer is present and even then don’t talk. They can’t get blood from a stone remember that!

  2. How did it end up with this guy. Did the FBI get him and put him in jail or are still trying to get him. It was on the news a lot and than all of a sudden I heard nothing about what happened. I thought the last I heard was he was in court.

  3. Robert Müeller, Jim Comey, Peter Strzok, Lisa Page, Rob Rosenstein, and Andrew McCabe have ushered in the new level of competency, integrity, honesty, transparency and trust to the FBI.

  4. Now Trump is still trying to discredit the FBI who he has hated since the Federal Investigations of money laundering at his Casino in Atlantic City by the Russian Mob, which Trump threw someone under the bus to come out looking like a rose. Now no big corporation likes the FBI because it has the power to investigate their actions so Trump is trying to do thema favor to make the FBI the most untrusted agency there is in Government, so if once he leaves the White House if they investigate him he can say once again they are crooked, yet he has yet to prove any of them violated the laws of the FBI in any way, just as one would say laying the ground work to build the house, and most are gullible enough to believe what Trump says.

    • The FBI has been politicized by Clinton then by Obamamzer who weaponized them against their political enemies. The FBI is no longer the professional organization that was run by J. Edgar Hoover. The FBI is now part of the Swamp which needs to be cleaned out of its political operatives to get it back to America’s top law enforcement agency.

  5. Trump does not discredit the FBI, only some of its leaders, he has repeatedly praise the agents in the field and continuing to do their jobs. If you are approached by agents ask them directly “am I under investigation for any criminal action” and if they skirt the question then ask for an attorney to be present. Trust but verify is a sound approach. Odds are you are not under investigation and sometimes background investigations for govt employment will involve people showing up at your door asking questions about someone is just that and they will usually explain this in great detail. Papadopoulos was a man in the wrong place at the right time pursued by SOME corrupt FBI officials not the entire FBI.

  6. Our best law officials at their best corruption . And who’s behind it all …. the delusional democrats . Here’s what you can expect if the delusional democrats win come November . They know no shame . They will have the FBI on you if you talk back or set their pet … the BLM and the white wanta be’s. .. antifa on you . Either way you will never be safe with them running things that’s for sure . To get rid of the police and let the BLM run things is way worse then the police ever did . They kill their own , little kids at that . That will be the new law , unless we stop them dead in their tracks . It’s time to take our country back from the lawless delusional democrats and their slaves working for the master . What did the delusional democrats promise the likes of BLM and antifa to burn , loot and kill their own people . That’s the right question to ask


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