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Michael Flynn’s Attorney Drops Bombshell Announcement

This could change everything...

Hillary In Full Out Panic As Ukrainian Embassy Officer Comes Forward With New Evidence Exposing What Really Happened

This information is extremely damaging to Clinton and the Democratic party, and is not going away, says a source working on the investigation
Judge Napolitano
Napolitano is 100 percent right in everything he said.
Harvey Weinstein
The verdict is finally in...

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Trump’s Bombshell Announcement Shatters Democrats

Wednesday is already a good day for President Trump but not so much for Democrats and Republicans who went against Trump...

Chilling [Video] Colorado Man Dumps Woman’s Body Into a Dumpster After He Stuffed Her Into a Suitcase

A grainy video of a man driving up to a dumpster by a car wash went viral. The video shows the man opening the trunk of a car on Friday morning. He took something out and

Trump Defiant , Drops Massive Truth Bomb About Democrats

The frustration by Donald Trump has never been more evident than in his press conference late Monday afternoon.

‘The Squad’ Says Israel Tortures Children & Repeats Terrorist Propaganda

The 'Squad' was recently involved in a dust up when Israel denied them access to enter the country. The Israeli government walked that back, however

White House Buckles to Democrat Pressure

Huckabee says it was the 'right' thing to do.