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Gunfight in Apartment Lobby Caught on Video

It seems that Bill de Blasio has been so busy trying to run for president that he has forgotten about his task of running...

Terrorist Regime Iran Tests the Waters Now that Weak and Frail Joe Biden is in Power

Iran just kicked off a ground forces drill on Tuesday along the coast of the Gulf of Oman, state TV reported, the latest in...

Prosecutors Go a Step Further…Kyle Rittenhouse Update

Prosecutors in Wisconsin have asked a judge to order an Illinois teen charged with killing two people and wounding a third in a violent...

Biden’s Pick for DOJ EXTREMELY RACIST…Against Any One Who is Not Black

Fox News host Tucker Carlson broke a story on Monday night about controversial past comments about race science made by the woman that President-elect...

Breaking News: Mysterious Death Count Revealed

A relatively quiet North Carolina community in Yadkin County is shocked by mysterious death and residents are searching for answers. Three bodies were discovered...

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Dozens Charged in Coast Guard ‘Fixing’ Scheme

More than 30 people working for the United States Coast Guard were arrested for their part in a test score-fixing scheme. One worker took...

Breaking News: Mitch McConnell REFUSES… Stops Impeachment

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has made a surprising last-ditch effort to stall the impeachment of President Trump. On January 13, McConnell's office informed Senate...

Ilmar Omar Breaks FEC Rules All While Incestiuos Marriage Unfolds

Beth Mynett filed for legal separation from her D.C. Consultant husband Tim Mynett. One of the reasons for the separation in the court filing, is that Mr. Mynett engaged in an affair with

Stats Show Operation Legend in Full Swing, Makes America Great

Operation Legend, a federal effort to combat the surge in violent crime throughout the country, has already shown promising results in one of America's...
Travelers entering the city of Austin, Texas, on interstate highway I-35 are now being greeted with a stark warning, a matched pair of billboards boldly proclaiming, "Enter at Your Own Risk!" They might as well say, "Welcome to Thunder Dome." The Austin Police department has been defunded, which means anarchy rules. Police paid for the billboards The Texas Municipal Police Association...
A large group of heavily armed and "uppity" angry "Black Militia" members tried to pick a fight with the rednecks in Atlanta, Georgia on the Fourth of July. Just give them Texas and they'll go away, they extort. Instead of sparking Helter Skelter, the rednecks showed restraint by recognizing the agitators' First and Second Amendment rights to freedom of...

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Uber Liberal Maddow Claims OAN is Russian Propaganda- Then Quickly Slapped with 10mil Lawsuit

Uber Liberal MSNBC News Host Rachel Maddow Being Sued For 'Utterly False Statements' A lawsuit has been filed...

Bolton Undermines Trump- Swiftly Gets the Boot

According to President Donald Trump, there were just too many ongoing disagreements with John Bolton. So he got the boot on Tuesday morning, and now he's out. On Tuesday Trump took to 'Twitter' and said

Todd Palin Files For Divorce After 31 Years of Marriage

It appears as though it's the end of the road for Todd and Sarah Palin, after 31 years of marriage. The Palins both 55, and have been through a governorship and a run for

HOC Demanding Answers From Dems About Suspicious Trips To Mexico

Members of the GOP House Oversight Committee (HOC) want answers from Democrats who have been making trips into Mexico recently. According to a report, Democratic law makers have been crossing the boarder to visit

Mark Sanford Will Run For The Presidential GOP Nomination

Mark Sanford, complete with Titanic sized baggage is ready to challenge President Donald Trump for the GOP nomination. Sanford made the announcement on Sunday, he was Congressman from 2013 to January 2019

Peter Buttigieg Doubles Down on Abortion…Claims A Pregnancy Can Be Terminated Up Until The First Breath

'Mayor Peter' as he's called, was a guest on the Breakfast Club radio show on Friday. Buttigieg is an openly gay, very liberal pro-choice advocate who also claims

The Remains Of A Hero Firefighter Killed On 9/11 Have Been Located 18 Years After Tragedy

Remains Of Firefighter Killed On 9/11 Found Almost 18 Years Later. Authorities in New York confirmed on Thursday that remains recently found, are those of

Ilmar Omar Breaks FEC Rules All While Incestiuos Marriage Unfolds

Beth Mynett filed for legal separation from her D.C. Consultant husband Tim Mynett. One of the reasons for the separation in the court filing, is that Mr. Mynett engaged in an affair with


Home Goes Up for Sale…Then People Start Noticing What’s in the Basement [IMAGES]

A listing from the realty company House of Brokers has caught the eyes of many startled people. What appeared to be a nice Victorian...

General George Washington and the Christmas Day River Crossing

On Christmas Day, patriots not only celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ, we also celebrate one of the greatest military victories in American history....

Massive Shake Up at Liberal News Company Following Explosion of Scandals

A massive shake up at liberal news company, NBC, has erupted following an explosion of sexual misconduct scandals. NBC News Chief Andres Lack, who...

Boyfriend and Girlfriend Engage in BDSM Sex Game, Then Things Go Horribly Wrong

There was a man in Eastern Europe who used to work as a police officer and also as a conscripted soldier who sadly had...