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Damning Video of Biden Emerges, Veterans PISSED

In another instance of Democrats accusing the Republicans of exactly what they are doing, a video has emerged of Democrat presidential nominee Joe Biden...

Michael Flynn’s Attorney Drops Bombshell Announcement

This could change everything...

Man Turns Old Dusty Airplane into Something Incredible, Here is a First Look Inside

Visualize this: you are hiking through a forest, and you are taking in all of the natural wonders and great marvels in front of...

Gunfire Erupts on Freeway, Shell Casings Everywhere

Gunfire from a rolling battle along a Fresno, California, freeway was taken in stride by liberal local officials as just another gang-related quarrel. A...

Adam Schiff Slapped with Ethics Complaint

He's going down!

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New Twist in Ukraine Corruption Has Biden Campaign at It’s Breaking Point

Just when Joe Biden's campaign thought things couldn't get any worse, they suddenly did. A shocking new twist in the case against Quid Pro...

Fox News Fires Yet ANOTHER Conservative

Fox News has let go of several high profile conservatives from their platform the last few months and "Fox & Friends First" host Heather...

Hillary In Full Out Panic As Ukrainian Embassy Officer Comes Forward With New Evidence Exposing What Really Happened

This information is extremely damaging to Clinton and the Democratic party, and is not going away, says a source working on the investigation

Marsha Blackburn Steps up and Hits a Grand Slam for America

Senator Marsha Blackburn wants to hold China accountable for its role in the spread of COVID-19 to the United States. She says: “This pandemic is worse,...

A Scary Look Inside Bill Gates Dark Agenda

Does Bill Gates have a Messiah Complex when it comes to vaccinations? More relevant to current events, is he using the ongoing COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic to...

ANTIFA Fugitive Confronts Federal Agents, Then They Light His A** Up

Antifa can no longer deny their connection to the violence in Portland. One of their soldiers actually thought he was qualified to battle it...
Leila Khaled terrorist lecture
Campus Reform has reported that San Francisco State University has scheduled a lecture from terrorist Leila Khaled for later this month. The First Female Hijacker Leila Khaled, known as the first female hijacker, is famous for her role in two plane hijackings in 1969 and 1970. Khaled is a member of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine. Khaled, along with...
President Donald Trump just dropped another bombshell announcement. He confirms that he's considering inviting his former national security adviser Michael Flynn back into his administration. He agreed on Thursday that he "would certainly consider it," adding, "I think he's a fine man." The startling announcement rattles the Deep State The retired general was a key victim in the Russiagate conspiracy and...

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NCAA ‘Fair to Play Act’ Now Law In California After Dem Governor Newson Signs Bill

NCAA released a statement regarding the new bill known officially as, SB206. The organization said, “As a membership organization the NCAA agrees changes were needed". Changes to continue to support student-athletes, but improvement needs to be

‘Best Buy’ Delivery Man Bludgeons Elderly Woman To Death…What he Does Next is Horrific

a washing machine that she had purchased at 'Best Buy'. Udell was found in the laundry room of her home, and had been

Rice Drops Bombshell in Favor of Trump

Ms Rice appeared on Friday night at the Texas Turbine Festival, and was peppered with questions about the server issue. Susan Rice was asked how often during the Obama Administration that practice was implemented. Rice very aware of the

Rashida Reaches All Time Low- Selling T-Shirts “Impeach The Mother F$#*er”

Now comes word, that Tlaib is using the fundraising site 'ActBlue' to raise money for her re-election campaign. She is now selling T shirts, with the slogan

Maguire Sets the Record Straight As Democrats Wage War On Words

Joseph Maguire testified before the House Intelligence Committee on Thursday. The much anticipated appearance, came down to testy exchanges about what certain words mean. Committee chairman, Adam Schiff, (D-Calif) wasted no time, accusing Maguire of

Man Accused of Brutally Murdering His Daughter After She Exposes His Decade Long Disgustingly Vile Dark Secret

Through the investigation, several family and friends say McMullen was a very controlling father. McMullen called 911 and said his daughter was playing with a gun, and

Wife Of ‘Shark Tank’ Star Linda O’Leary Charged In Deadly Boat Accident

The charges stem from a boating accident last month, that took the lives of two people, and injured three

Attorney Mark Levin “Media Covering Up Biden Scandal”

Fox News Host, Mark Levin stopped by Sean Hannity's show, to discuss what he feels is a media cover up. Levin a best selling author, said that 'certain media outlets' are deliberately blowing a


BLM Torch Family Home With Children Inside… What They Do Next is Pure EVIL

Black Lives Matter and Antifa torched a family home with children inside and what they did next is pure evil to the core. On...

Biden Supporters Attack 7-Year-Old Outside DNC

Abbey Wigton and her child had just left a protest outside the Democratic National Convention when two convention attendees attacked her son, who was...

WOW: Michelle Obama Just Publicly Trashed Her Own Children

Michelle Obama recently publicly trashed her own children in Becoming, a newly released documentary on Netflix about the life of Obama. The documentary is...

Joe Biden Just Admitted on MSNBC

Joe Biden admitted that he would not vote for himself as President of the United States. On MSNBC’s The Last Word, the presumptive Democratic...