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Mother And Son Were At Hotel, Then Man Opens Fire on Them

A mother and her son were minding their own business in the lobby of Miami's Crystal Beach Suites Hotel, on Monday, when someone noticed...

Alan Dershowitz Scrambling and Sweating Bullets, Unsealed Maxwell Documents Paint a VERY Sick and Twisted Situation

High powered attorney and member of O.J. Simpson's "dream team," Alan Dershowitz, is defending himself "from sex abuse claims" since his name popped up...

Video: Violent Gun Fight Erupts Between Thug and Multiple Chicago Police Officers

A prisoner shot three Chicago police officers while he was in the process of being transported to the police station. On the morning of July...

Prosecutor Drops Bombshell Announcement About Michael Brown Case

Prosecutors announced that the police officer who shot and killed Michael Brown in self-defense would not be facing charges. 2014 Shooting of Michael Brown Led...

Feds Catch Major Voter Fraud Scheme in Democrat City

The indigo-blue Democrat city of anarchist angels was the scene of a major vote fraud crime. Four Los Angeles men admitted their part in...

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Soros Is At It Again – This Time He Targets POTUS Directly

Darth Soros is at it again. The public face of the New World Order has issued fresh instructions to his minions that underscore the...

Dem Screws Over a Thousand Military Officers With Ultimatum Ahead of Independence Day

Sen. Tammy Duckworth declared on Thursday that she would block over 1,100 military promotions unless the Pentagon agrees to not stand in the way...

Top GOP House Trump Supporter Betrays Trump, Votes with Dems

And he is already paying the price.

Trump Loses Appeal in Federal Court

Another defeat for Trump at the hands of a Clinton appointed Judge.

Todd Palin Files For Divorce After 31 Years of Marriage

It appears as though it's the end of the road for Todd and Sarah Palin, after 31 years of marriage. The Palins both 55, and have been through a governorship and a run for

Obama Just Tried to Cover up the Ugly Truth of One of His Darkest Secrets

Former United States President, Barack Obama, just tried to cover up the ugly truth of one of his darkest secrets, the Democrats dirty dealings...
Barack Obama's CIA director, John Brennan, is feeling a little spooked and it's showing. He went on the airwaves to push back against recent allegations that he engineered a coup to overthrow President Trump. His response amounts to a total meltdown as he insists he has nothing to hide. He can deny it all he wants but nobody believes...

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“The Family” and Mark Sanford: Scandal or Conspiracy

A new documentary currently airing on 'Netflix' is raising some eyebrows. Former GOP Governor Mark Sandford is weighing in on the controversy. Sanford is

Drejka- Stand Your Ground Case Verdict Came Down To Video

Friday night a jury of five men and one woman, found Michael Drejka guilty of manslaughter in Clearwater, Florida. Drejka,47, was free on bond, after being arrested a month after

‘The Squad’ Says Israel Tortures Children & Repeats Terrorist Propaganda

The 'Squad' was recently involved in a dust up when Israel denied them access to enter the country. The Israeli government walked that back, however

Rashida Tliab On The War Path Again

Michigan Rep and Squad member Rashida Tliab is blaming Israel again for the death of 17 year old Israeli student, Rina Shnerb. Her father, and brother were

Congressman Sean Duffy To Resign Due To Complications

Congressman Sean Duffy, 48, is expecting his 9th child a girl, with wife Rachel Compos-Duffy,47. Both Duffy and Compos-Duffy, are former


The Disgusting Life Goal of 21yr Old Woman Goes Viral…Can You See Why?

A lot of people want to set world records for things but most people would consider Ania Lisewska's "life goal" disgusting. She was 21-years-old...

Eric Holder Goes to Bat for Sleepy Joe, Blames Trump Supporters ‘fanning’ Tara Reade’s claims

Former United States Attorney General and Barack Obama crony, Eric Holder, showed support to presumptive Democrat nominee, Joe Biden, on Bill Maher’s ‘Real Time...

Reality Star Took Ridiculous Amount of Your Tax Dollars, and Then Spent it on THESE Lavish Things

Maurice "Mo" Fayne, a reality television star, took a ridiculous amount of your tax dollars and spent it on lavish items. Fayne, who appears...