Outside Agitators Attacking Civil Society and Instilling Fear


Governor Tim Walz wants to “be very clear.” The situation, he asserts, “is no longer in any way about the murder of George Floyd.” Instead the whole narrative has been hijacked by “outside agitators.” For the minions of Darth Soros, it’s all about “attacking civil society, instilling fear and disrupting our great cities.”

Outside agitators controlling the mobs

You can “call out the instigators,” like Mott the Hoople said many decades ago, “because the revolution’s here.” Governor Walz fully understands that these angry mobs are being whipped to a frenzy by outside agitators but he acts like he’s on their side, basically telling the whole world that he knows his entire police department can’t be trusted. “We witnessed losing trust,” he acknowledges. But people shouldn’t think the National Guard is as untrustworthy as his police. His Attorney General Keith Ellison agrees. “Don’t react to them the way you might react to the Minneapolis Police Department. It’s not the same group.” So, not just four Minneapolis cops are bad, they all are, their boss insists.

After organized rioters burned the third police precinct to the ground Thursday night, Democrat Governor Tim Walz assured reporters on Friday he would take charge. By Saturday morning, he was back behind the podium to explain why he spent the previous 24 hours with his thumb inserted in his nether regions.

He had all kinds of National Guard troops to help out but he didn’t bother to use them because he didn’t want to anger the rioters or the agitators. “The very tools that we need to use to get control, to make sure that buildings aren’t burned and the rule of law collapses, are those very institutional tools that have led to that grief and pain.”

Victims of police brutality

At Friday morning’s press conference, Walz pointed out that “Floyd joins a long line of African American victims of police brutality, including Rodney King in Los Angeles and Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri.” Not only that, “These are things that have been brewing in this country for 400 years.”

The liberal governor just won’t accept the fact that this incident is starkly different. These officers weren’t even trying to do their duty. Four men conspired to murder the first unarmed black man they encountered, and they carried out the plot. They had an agenda. Start a race war between black citizens and the police. That’s not police brutality. They weren’t acting as “police.” The uniformed assassins framed every one of their brothers in blue, everywhere, and they did it on purpose. The professional agitators took it from there.

Governor Walz empathizes with “the pain African Americans felt after George Floyd died,” when “Derek Chauvin knelt on his neck.” That’s why he’s “taking control away from local officials.” He asked for help from his black residents to restore order but didn’t get any. Not only did the riots rage out of control again that night, they spread across the country.


Attacking civil society

After failing to deploy the guard to keep the peace as promised, Walz went back in front of reporters to blame the agitators. “Let’s be very clear,” Walz declared, “the situation in Minneapolis is no longer in any way about the murder of George Floyd. It is about attacking civil society, instilling fear and disrupting our great cities.”

Free speech stops when the looting starts. As president Trump suggests, that’s when law enforcement needs to start shooting. After 700 members of the National Guard stood by and watched on Friday night, Walz allowed them to act on Saturday. While the blaze at the police station was shooting flames hundreds of feet in the air Thursday night, Walz got a call from the president. That’s when Trump sent him the guard troops. Hours later the president followed up with a tweet. “THUGS,” he tapped, were dishonoring Floyd’s memory. “Any difficulty and we will assume control but, when the looting starts, the shooting starts.”

Republicans in the state are fed up with the inaction and want to see peace restored. According to the state GOP Chairwoman, Jennifer Carnahan, “for four straight nights we have helplessly watched our neighborhood businesses be looted and destroyed, we’ve watched as violent protesters have rioted in our streets and forced public transport and major thoroughfares to shut down, and we have watched our city burn to the ground.” Meanwhile, the agitators and instigators are carrying the Molotov cocktail kits and Black Lives Matter signs off to another city to spread more chaos.


  1. Borders on Treason, real close to Assisting in the Violent Overthrow of The United States. Won’t amount to much, Bill Ayers was an admitted terrorist and the Judge threw the case out because……wait for it…….the FBI used unauthorized phone taps…………….Crap……an excellent “teaching point:

  2. I don’t care who he is, but he needs to go and some one with a titanium pair be elected and cleans up not only the streets, but gets the names of the rioters and looters who have desecrated his city. Then to make them stand trial for arson, terrorism, looting and possibly murder. I don’t care what color they are or what church they supposedly attend. They are criminals and must face up to their crimes.

  3. No question that the looters and destroyer’s of property SHOULD be brought to justice BUT murdering a kid for stealing a television?? NO! Seems I recall something in the constitution that says a person must go before a judge and/or jury before being punished much less killed!~


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