Operation Clean Sweep: Nearly 200 Dirtbags Taken Down By U.S. Marshals

Opration Clean Sweep
Opration Clean Sweep

U.S. Marshals did a laudable job in Operation Clean Sweep, taking down at least 200 dirtbags and getting them off the streets!

The U.S. Marshals Service conducted a high-impact fugitive apprehension initiative that focused on some of the worst offenders in the state of New Jersey. This enforcement endeavor was called “Operation Clean Sweep”, and it resulted in the arrest of more than 190 career criminals, sex offenders, fugitives, and gang members throughout the Garden State.

“By employing a strategically focused approach to policing, our state, county, local, and federal jurisdictions, partners were able to locate and apprehend some of the most dangerous fugitives in the state of New Jersey. By removing these violent offenders from the streets, the communities they preyed upon can immediately feel more secure.” said U.S. Marshal Juan Mattos Jr.

“Clean Sweep” was a month-long operation that focused special attention on areas within the Garden State that were designated as priority counties, including Essex, Camden, Mercer, Atlantic, and Gloucester.

It was during this operation that the district of New Jersey and the New York/New Jersey Regional Figitive Task Force used their multi-jurisdictional investigative powers to arrest at least six dozen gang members and several others wanted on homicide charges. They arrested 80 for weapons offenses and over 1,400 kilograms of illegal narcotics, over $5,000 in currency, and 16 firearms.

“Many fugitives tend to re-commit violent crimes which increases danger to communities by making the neighborhoods where we live and work unsafe” said Mattos. “By collaborating with our state, county, local, and federal partners, and conducting enforcement endeavors like Operation Clean Sweep, law enforcement serves to disrupt these criminal activities. “