Omar Spreads Jihadist Filth on Mainstream Media


Ilhan Omar is at it again, spreading her nasty “jihadist” style filth across the radically progressive mainstream media airwaves. This time, she’s triggered because the Antifa-type rioters in her home city of Minneapolis, Minnesota were too afraid of the National Guard tanks to get any serious looting accomplished. After they chased away the police and burned their station to the ground, they were “terrorized” by the presence of the National Guard.

Ilhan Omar sides with the rioters

Just like her jihadi cousins in Somalia and the rest of the Middle-East, Ilhan Omar instantly blames Western culture every time there’s a terrorist attack. This time, instead of Islamic terrorists, we have Antifa-inspired radicals financed by globalists including George “Darth” Soros. Omar is supposed to be one of the people who make the laws. She swore an oath to defend those laws. Now, she sides with those who break the laws.

This isn’t the first time Ilhan Omar thumbed her nose at American laws. She prefers to follow the principles of Sharia and seems to get away with it at every turn. She’s allegedly under investigation for marrying her brother. She got out of a tax jam surrounding that by paying fines but she’s being probed for immigration violations over the possibility she married her sibling to help him get a green card. She also recently married the man she was having an adulterous affair with. Not only was she sleeping with Tim Mynett, her campaign might have been paying him to do it. All while they were both married to other people.

Now Omar boldly sides with terrorists out to attack civil society and cause fear in her own home state. George Floyd was murdered by four men in uniform. Pretty much everyone in America agrees that it was totally wrong. Many believe it was an intentional set up also, meant to inflame riots just like it has been.

Full fledged riots

Once the protests started immediately after Mr. Floyd’s death on Monday, the media and outside organizers fanned the flames into full fledged riots. Not just in Minneapolis, but around the world. By Wednesday, the looting started. On Thursday night, “rioters set the Minneapolis Police Department’s Third Precinct on fire.”

That’s when the liberal democrat governor called in the National Guard. Tim Walz ordered an 8 p.m. curfew intentionally to separate the peaceful protests from the incited and violent riots. By then it was clear that the mobs weren’t interested in justice. “Let’s be very clear, the situation in Minneapolis is no longer in any way about the murder of George Floyd. It is about attacking civil society, instilling fear, and disrupting our great cities,” he admitted to his citizens.

Ilhan Omar is furious that when the Molotov cocktail throwing anarchists defied the curfew order, they were forced to see tanks. “There really was also many people who chose to demonstrate and not abide by the curfew, who felt like they also were terrorized by the presence of tanks, by the presence of the National Guard and a militarized police,” Omar whined to liberal ABC.

It totally threw them off their game. According to Governor Walz, “increased National Guard presence Saturday night prevented the damage from being as severe as the previous two nights.”


  1. When is this vile, contemptible, piece of human excrement going to stand trial for her crimes? Criminal Campaign Finance Violations, Immigration Fraud, Marriage Fraud, Tax Fraud, and Student Loan Fraud. Anyone else would have already been in prison.

    • A person who is an immigrant and gets American citizenship should have citizenship taken away when this new citizen speaks horribly about our country. We have to pass a law of this nature. Omar should be shipped back to Somalia. Not only does she denigrate our country, she is a thief with her new husband (third husband after marrying her brother) who is also her manager. Let us start a petition to remove citizenship from immigrants who defy our laws and our beautiful country. Let her go back to socialism in Somalia. This goes for George Soros who should be deported to Hungary for paying Black Lives Matter and Antifa. Soros stirs up bedlam, looting, thievery, neighborhoods, the US and should have citizenship taken away and deported to home country of Somalia. If immigrants do not appreciate the US, deny them their citizenship and ship them back to their loving country

  2. Grab this mush-head by the scruff of her dirty neck and throw her down in front of a moving tank! That’s the kind of treatment she deserves. Either that, OR RESCIND HER US CITIZENSHIP and deport her back to Somalia PERMANENTLY!! Just GET THE OFFENSIVE GARBAGE OUT OF MY COUNTRY!

  3. Let the National Guard guys have 3 or 4 full clips of ammo on them and let them shoot anyone destroying property or harming people who aren’t mob members, and this thing would be over soon.


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