Omar Allegedly ARRESTED in Minnesota in 2013…Here’s What The UNEARTHED REPORT Says

ilhan omar arrested

State Representative Ilhan Omar has definitely done her share of activism in the past. Apparently, in 2013, she went a bit too far on that. 

The incident dates back to January 18, 2013, and Omar was in a group of Muslim Somali activists and they were following the convoy of former Somali President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud from the Minneapolis Convention Center to his reserved room at the Hotel Ivy. There was one small problem with this plan, however. 

According to the police report, the hotel staff had to alert law enforcement because there were a number of people without room keys and they needed to leave the premises.

The responding officer said that most of the people complied with this request, except for one Ilhan Omar. Instead, she became very belligerent and was very defiant, refusing to leave the hotel. 

The police report stated the following: “She stood her ground, and she continued to refuse to leave. I took hold of her left elbow and Omar retreated back from me and stated, ‘Don’t you put your hands on me!’ After others in her group complied, we were able to coax and convince Ms. Omar to start walking toward the entry/exit door with her group.” 

If she would have left it at that, things would have been fine. However, the officer stayed on the premises for another ten minutes before going to another call, and he quickly discovered that she had snuck back in and was seated in another part of the rather large lobby.

Omar continued to be defiant when the officer said if she didn’t leave she would be arrested for trespassing. 

To make a long story short, Ilhan Omar refused to leave when the officer asked her to, so he had no choice but to place her under arrest. The officer tried to reach Omar and force her to get up so he could cuff her, but she pulled away and so he also had no choice but to cuff her to the chair. 

“We had to book Omar in [at Hennepin County Jail] because it did not appear to me that she was going to respond to a citation, nor was she going to be responsible for her criminal behavior,” the officer said. “In fact, I thought she might continue it.” 

Yes, folks, these are some of the types of people that are representing us in the U.S. Congress. Let all hope to goodness that this woman isn’t on Crazy Joe’s VP short list, but with our luck, she probably is. 



  1. AOC is just another WACO DEMOCRAT…. and she does NOT represent ME in Congress!

    WHY hasn’t she been deported yet for committing Immigration fraud by marrying her brother?

    • Because as usually, congress does not do their jobs, they are worried about getting caught stealing the American taxpayers money in illegal dealings, look at barry soetoro, still not a citizen of the United States, but everyone to busy covering their tracks, all the while looking the other way selling America down the road for a profit to their family

  2. There is very little this female could do that would surprise me. After all, she is a member of the Entitled Generation. Only she has the double whammy. The Entitled immigrant Muslim hell bent on the destruction of all things non-Muslim. This photo does teach me one thing….no wonder she wears the head covering. Without it she is quite homely. With it, she actually looks attractive. If I were her, I would wear it too.


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