Obama’s Concerns over Hunter Biden and Burisma Outed by Democrat Witness

Stefanik Yovanovitch

There were several “boom” moments for Republicans during Friday’s hearing, but you probably won’t read about them in the media.

In fact, my guess is that outlets like CNN and MSNBC will go overboard trying to make sure Americans never hear about them at all.

One of the loudest explosions, however, was when former Ukraine Ambassador Marie Yovanovitch admitted Obama’s State Department had raised concerns about Hunter’s role with Burisma.


The tell-tale moment was when Rep. Elise Stefanik (R-N.Y.) was questioning Yovanovitch about her “practice Q&A” with the Obama State Department.

Now, thus far, Democrats are saying there was never anything of concern.

Joe Biden himself said he knew nothing about Hunter Biden’s role and that his son had done nothing wrong.

Yet, the Ukraine Ambassador was being drilled on how she would answer questions if she was asked about Hunter Biden’s role at Burisma…

But Joe Says…

Now, this is a BIG problem for Joe Biden on several fronts.

Biden has always maintained he did not know anything at all about this.

However, we already know the State Department was given concerns by Mr. Kent, one of Wednesday’s witnesses.

Even if Hunter Biden had not done anything wrong, he believed it was going to raise ethics questions.

Now, with this testimony, it creates a bigger problem for Biden because there simply is no way he was not informed about this.

If Joe Biden was the point man for Ukraine and the State Department was drilling the Ambassador on how to answer questions about Hunter, Joe Biden would have absolutely been up to speed on this.

This absolutely wreaks of coverup but we already know Schiff is not going to allow Hunter Biden, Joe Biden, or anyone that had anything to do with Burisma to testify.

To me, it sure sounds like the wrong person is being raked over the coals by Congress.

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  1. They know that if their testimony before congressional committees is false that they have a good chance of a free vacation at a federal detention facility, the government has to send one up as an example and a lot more will come out with what they know.


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