Obama TOTALLY LIVID After His Family’s Darkest Secret MADE PUBLIC


He might be known as America’s first black president, but let’s make one thing absolutely clear: Barack Hussein Obama was no friend of this country. He spent his whole entire presidential term doing everything in his power to try to tear this country apart. Make no bones about it, this country is extremely divided right now, but it isn’t because of President Donald John Trump. This country is divided because of four words: The. Policies. Of. Obama.

No, Obama never came out and just said it. He’s too devious for that. But the man’s action’s prove that he is every bit as racist against the whites as some individuals are against the blacks. Odd, especially considering the man is half white himself. Of course, there are some recent events that have Obama totally furious, and he doesn’t want it to get out. We cannot expect the lamestream media to report it to anyone, so it’s up to us Right-Wing Patriots to do it for them on the internet.

But before we get to what is bothering this traitorous ex-president so badly, a little background information is in order. BHO’s mother was Stanley Ann Dunham, and she was about as devout a member of the Communist Party as they come. She was also a rural anthropologist, and she couldn’t stand her extended family’s Christian background. Thus, at the first chance she got, she married a Muslim man who would later become known as the biological father of Barack Hussein Obama.

Of course, the marriage was rocky from the start, and Ann Dunham decided to leave him and marry a different man from Indonesia, and he became Obama’s step-father. This man was also Muslim, but he became a Christian and this so incensed Ms. Dunham that she left him too and went back to the U.S. As a far-left liberal, Dunham brought her son up to resent his own country and believe that it had terribly unjust and immoral underpinnings.

Ironically, Barack Obama would grow up in Illinois, which is known as the Land of Lincoln. However, considering that he was taught the horribly anti-American Chicago Way, let’s not mince words here: President Lincoln would be horrified at the policies of this man. Indeed, Obama had such a chip on his shoulder that as he got older he believed he needed to do one thing and one thing ONLY. DESTROY AMERICA from within. However, even though this man has the most anti-White policies of any other politician, even he didn’t realize that his own family has a long-held dark secret.

You see, apparently some of President Obama’s descendants on his mother’s side were slave-owners themselves!

That’s right, Obama’s great-great-great-great grandfather was a man named George Washington Overall, and he owned two slaves. This information was recorded in the census in 1850 in Kentucky’s Nelson County. Moreover, Obama’s great-great-great-great-great grandmother, Mary Duvall, was also a slaveowner who had two slaves herself.

This information was actually discovered by a genealogist working with the Library of Congress in 2008. Did you hear anything about it at that time? Well, rest assured, I didn’t hear anything about it either. The left-wing media did an effective job of covering it up, to say the least.

But what do the records say specifically? They say that George Washington Overall owned two slaves, one being a 15-year-old female and the other being a 25-year-old male. His mother-in-law, Mary Duvall, owned two African-American slaves herself: a 60-year-old man and a 58-year-old woman, respectively.

So, let me get this straight: we have all of these Democrat statues (remember, slavery was supported by Democrats at that time, not Republicans!) being torn down by these alt-left terrorists, yet they don’t mind revering Obama even though he himself has slave owners in his lineage?

Of course, it’s no surprise to many of us that Ms. Dunham would have slave-owners in her lineage. These people were very wealthy. They had an expansive educational background. They were entitled as well. This wealth continued even to Ms. Dunham’s day, so it must have been quite a shocking blow that Stanley decided to marry a black man from Kenya.

Naturally, it’s tempting to wonder if his mother was aware of this black mark in her family history and was ashamed by it. Was this the reason why she seemed to do everything in her power to distance herself from it? What about if this information ever went mainstream? If it did, you can bet your bottom dollar that liberals would be thrown for a loop, especially considering how much of a paragon President Obama is to them. It would be hard for them to justify, no doubt about it? Chances are, we’d probably have that liberal Snopes site running one of their fake debunking articles on it!

Unfortunately for liberals, there is no way to change the past. It is what it is. All any of us can do is simply learn from the past and try to be better people and make life better for us and everyone around us. However, because of the immense anger from liberals, life continues to be made much, much worse. Let’s share this story so everyone knows the truth!


  1. If this guy,the Kenyan Communist zebra,is that bad,and I feel sure he is,then he should be arrested already,and awaiting trial on charges of treason!!!

  2. Then after B.O. is convicted (at least for his Obamagate crimes) and sentenced, President Trump can then step in and pardon him to prove to everybody, including all the black folk who think otherwise, the he is NOT A RACIST!

  3. Can’t pick your ancestors, a son is not responsible for your fathers crimes unless you’re Gregory McMichael and his son Travis McMichael



    • Right on. I was always convinced Obama married a man, and the kids were adopted. Why is that never investigated? This was another hoax perpetrated against the American people. HE received a free education in this country as a foreign exchange student, then ran of president as an American citizen. How is it possible he had his cake and ate it too?

      • His Birth Certificate is in London, England in the Hall of Records of the British Empire of which Kenya was a part at the time of his birth. This Birth Certificate has his foot print just after his birth. At least this is what I have been told.

  5. I personally thought when Barach Hussein
    Obama suddenly came on the scene that something just wasn”t
    right ! I believe he was
    Selected to be here and he was never elected.The powers that be George Soros ,Bill Gates ,Bildebergs etc.the deep state.placed him here
    to fullfill there radical agenda! He hates the American people.The Media made it sound like he was the second
    Coming.All of the crimes that him and his rat pack committed
    Against the American people.The one thing that they didn”t count on.was Donald Trump.
    I thank God that he won the presidency can you imagine if Hillary Clinton would have won.I hope that the American people that was listening.and believing all the lies that these radical democrats have put President Trump through since day one that they will be prosecuted.and spend alot of time in jail.They have tried to say he committed collusion and then they tryed to impeach.him,and all the other lies in between however these last two lies are the worst.Corona virus.
    And letting these two terorrist groups Antifa and the.Blm start the race.card all because they hate Trump so much they would do anything to destroy him and the American people.it is and election year the best they have got is Joe Biden andi saw that he is goung up against Donald Reagan on Dec3rd.his words not mine.To every American we must vote Donald Trump.back in for 4 more years or loose our freedom.

    • Oh he was elected, by the ignorant who thought his lineage would be a great beginning for destroying America. He is just another Muslim/communist/community organizer/failed lawyer/failed president/failed dictator/massive failure. A rich and diverse lineage starting with very first left wing liberal democrat/communist till him.

  6. Obama TOTALLY LIVID After His Family’s Darkest Secret MADE PUBLIC… Michael has a substancially bigger “Whang” than him!

  7. Read: “Black Yellowdogs: The Most Dangerous Citizen Is Not Armed, But Uninformed” by Ben Kinchlow and note:
    Anthony Johnson (black African) – was the owner of the first black African slave in the colonies, ‘John Casor’. In 1654, John Casor became the first legal slave in “America.”
    Anthony Johnson, previously an African indentured slave, claimed John Casor as his slave. The Northampton County ruled against Casor, and declared him (John Castor) Anthony Johnson’s property for life. (Note this court was English and it was more than 100 years before our revolution.) Since Africans were not English, they were not covered by English Common Law.
    Don’t forget, the democrat party created the Ku Klux Klan as its murderous private army and it murdered many freedmen (former slaves) and their supporters.
    More history, Hitler copied the KKK for the NAZI’s, and his, SA Stormtroopers the Brownshirts, a fascist personal army a very murderous group.
    Democrat President Andrew Jackson was responsible for the deaths of many Cherokees in the
    “Trail Of Tears”. Much like the Guadalcanal Death March.

  8. I don’t know who wrote this propaganda. But it’s total BS!! I guess you’ve never seen the real Oblama story ?? It’s a video called The Dreams of My Real Father !! Namely FRANK MARSHALL DAVIS !! And yes he was a commie! Get the facts strait oe shut the Hell up!!!!!!

    • That book is may as well be another DNC comic book, it’s compilation of frigging lies from beginning to end..he should have written it in a prison cell….plenty of evidence to keep the investigation on Barry in full swing….

  9. That’s great lol , while the Obamas claim whites are the problem in our country . And Obama and his kids are part white … and now their from a slave owning family . Well looks who’s dirty faced now lmao . And with the obamas back BLM , even tho they owned BLM family members back in the day . I hope BLM see how they been played by the obamas and stop acting so stupid by doing their dirty work . The obamas are not the peoples friend , and that go’s for any color . They only do what’s best for them . Hey Michelle how you doing now that you know your part of a slave owning family like the whites you hate cause they owned slaves . Kamara I tell you lmao . It’s always the biggest mouth crying that have the most to hide . Right Michelle …… lmao …… hey if you run for VP with old joe … maybe you can own some slaves to … lmao . Boy do I find this funny as all hell . Kamara lmao

  10. Here is a another part of Barry’s past that also makes him a ingrate and a professional liar, one of his mentors, which is suspected of being hid real father is a communist black by the name of Marshall…..this man made sure his sire was going to be a bright red commie and did his mothers socialist father and mother, the one’s who got Barry a SS#…the boy just can’t help himself, it’s why he is a DNC mystery man and his credentials are locked up tighter than a bulls but and people went to jail trying to get them…Barry is a criminal, the facts now coming out are putting him a the the scene of the crimes and the man in-charge…….

  11. B. O. Was handled from start to where he is now by the likes of Vallery Jarret and others much Smarter that He ever could be. He, B.O. was drug using Pot smoking looser who was one of the “Chum Gang” probably along with his wife Michael! They SEALED all his records and how can that happen with a candidate running for the President of the U.S.?? Wayne Allen Root, a news columnist here in Las Vegas, was in Columbia University at the same time B.O. was supposedly there. Wayne asks, why doesn’t anyone remember him and when the alumni meet, no one ever talks of him, no X girl Friends e.t.c.. He was never INVESTIGATED, was he?? If he was, lets see some facts about his back ground. He does have a brother in Kenya, why not let that brother come here and do some talking, I think that would be very interesting!!!

  12. He was easily the most racist of all our presidents and also the most corrupt and incompetent. Even Jimmy Carter was more productive. The truth is slowly coming out with the Flynn hearings for starters. He belongs in an orange jumpsuit for the rest of his sorry life.

      • Chester A Arthur was only challenged in the local media of the time. Mr Obama was challenged in the US Courts and the Judges covered up the fact he was not eligible due to his parentage and place of birth.

  13. The article needs some corrections where the word “President” is used. Under the US Constitution Mr Obama was not President. His foreign national father, at a minimum, and real birth place, Kenya, prevents him from being a natural born Citizen of the US. And since he was not alive when the US Constitution was adopted he does not meet the grandfather clause. Mr Obama was an imposter and unconstitutionally acting as President. Everything Mr Obama did is null and void. That includes bills he signed and all appointments to positions such as judges. He belongs in jail for impersonating a federal official – naming President.

    • WOW! No one is going to go after him and live. I remember seeing and hearing his Kenyan grandmother on TV, say she was at his birth. She died a few weeks later. Always wondered, if she was “bumped off”?

  14. He lied about being an Afganistan exchange student. This should make his degree nil and void. What about the interest on the money it cost to put him through college? Why hasn`t he been asked for that money? I think we all feel there should be a heavy reprimand for this infraction. Let us all count the ways for his retribution.

  15. Yea, all this information is known about Obama, but he was able to perpetrate the largest hoax ever on our country. Of course, he had plenty of help from the courts, the media, and the DNC. Nothing will ever be done to Obama because and as AG Barr likes to say, “we do not prosecute ex-presidents”. It does not matter that he was not eligible to be president. Everyone, please remember all this about the Democrat Party when it comes time to vote in November. They are the Party of corruption, crooked deals, and slime. They do not like our country and want to turn it into a socialist/communist one. God help our country if they ever get control of the presidency, the House, and the Senate at the same time.

  16. Eventually The Communist/Leftist/Liberal/Progressive/Socialist Democrat’s will run out of witches in their cancel culture. They are already starting to eat their own in their quest for perfect Social Justice Warriorery. I guess the SJW’s haven’t figured out that most of the things they are supposedly upset about are actually things that The Democrats have done. I guess it only makes sense in a weird way that they would be the ones trying to sweep it all under the rug and rewrite history to remove the ” Sins of their fathers ” as it were. The scary part is that they have been successful in getting too many willfully ignorant people to believe their B.S. and even put the blame on others who had nothing to do with it or were actually fighting against it back in the day.
    Not holding my breath to hear the truth about barry soetoro on any major news outlet. They already squashed the stories able heals up harris’s family being slave owners. The Democrats are real good at circling their wagons when it is one of their own in the hot seat. It’s F’Time for the rest of us. Keep up the fight everybody because we will prevail since we are on the correct side of this fight. This year’s election is even more important than previous ones. It is past time in Nov 2020 and beyond to Remove Every Democrat and vote RED.

  17. If you want to look up the History of the Democrat Party, you will find that there is a void… From 1860 into the 1930`s there is no info: on their history page for this time period? Could it be that that the real true history would expose the democrats racist history. It would surely show that it was the democrat party that created the KKK to harass Blacks and Republicans from voting , the Jim Crow Law, and for decades the democrat party fought against the Civil Rights of Blacks. Which seems to be the only reason that even in todays world, democrats are trying to remove history by their attacks on Southern Heritage which would prove their involvement in racism in the absence of their own History between 1860 and 1930`s.


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