Obama Judge SHUT IT DOWN… Democrats are FURIOUS

Barack Obama
"Barack Obama at his Chicago Home" by jurvetson is licensed under CC BY 2.0.

When it comes to elections, Democrats would love to keep blocking the fight that Republicans have picked on this front.

It is not that the GOP has an issue with absentee and early voting. In fact, we have seen it expanded considerably in red states over the last few years.

The issue is that the GOP wants to ensure these methods of voting are secure, something the Dems continue to fight.

Strike It Down

Recently, a witness being required for absentee ballots came before the court in Wisconsin.

This is something that Democrats are fighting tooth and nail.

I would guarantee that when they saw an Obama judge draw the case, they thought they had an easy win, but that was not the case here.

U.S. District Judge James Peterson responded to a case that had been filed by the Elias Law Group, the firm founded by Democratic super lawyer and former Clinton campaign general counsel Marc Elias.

Peterson ruled, “Normally, the court would begin by searching for other textual clues in the statute. But in this case, the most obvious problem with plaintiffs’ interpretation is that it simply does not make any sense.”

Elias claimed that the new rule violated the Voting Rights Act of 1965 and the Civil Rights Act of 1965.

As is typical of the Democrats, they continue to use minority groups as being oppressed by these laws, as though they are incapable of following the same guidelines as white people in this country, which is ludicrous.

As I have stated before, if I were a minority, I would be livid at being used by the Democrat Party like a prop in these cases.

It does not happen often that a Democrat-appointed judge stands up to Democrats like this, but I have to give Peterson his props for doing the right thing here.

Peterson shredded the complaint by Elias, stating, “Under plaintiffs’ interpretation, every witness would have to determine the voter’s age, residence, citizenship, criminal history, whether the voter is unable or unwilling to vote in person, whether the voter has voted at another location or is planning to do so, whether the voter is capable of understanding the objective of the voting process, whether the voter is under a guardianship, and, if so, whether a court has determined that the voter is competent.

“Many witnesses would be unable to independently verify much of the required information.

“The statute allows any adult U.S. citizen to serve as a witness, suggesting that a wide variety of people should be able to do the job… It makes no sense to interpret § 6.87 in a way that would make compliance virtually impossible.”

Elias is a hack, and that is being nice, so it was fairly satisfying to hear one of his own call him out as such before the entire country.

This is a huge win for the GOP and for real voting rights in this country.