Obama Judge Blocks Voter ID Legislation

Barack Obama
Photo Courtesy of Charles McCain via Creative Commons License

Voter fraud has proven to be a real problem in this country.

With all the stink about foreign countries trying to interfere in our elections, one would think liberals and Democrats alike would want the voting process to be as secure as possible.

That, however, is not the case, as was proven when another Obama appointee blocked legislation in North Carolina to require a proper photo ID to vote in the election.

Obama Does It Again

Barack Obama has been out of office for almost three years, but we are still paying the price for him being president.

Getting a photo ID is not as troublesome as Democrats would like us all to believe.

As an adult, to board a plane, to buy cigarettes, to buy alcohol, to cash a check… you need a valid photo ID in order to do this.

According to Democrats, though, asking people that vote to have a valid, government-issued photo ID is racist.

Obviously, that is ridiculous, yet everyone in the party is buying into it because they want voter fraud to run wild because the Democrats are the ones that always seem to benefit from it.

To fight the plague of dead people and illegal immigrants voting, North Carolina passed legislation that would require a valid photo ID.

That law was blocked by U.S. District Judge Loretta Biggs, who agreed the new law creates a bias against black and Latino residents.

Biggs, of course, is an Obama appointee.

Are We Really Saying This?

I think we can all agree, poor is poor, right?

So why when Democrats and liberals fight voter ID laws do they claim ONLY minority people are hurt by this law.

This is race-baiting and insulting to minorities.

Are we to believe that minorities are not capable or do not have the $20 to get a new ID but poor white people can?

If money is an issue, then let the federal government foot the bill for IDs for everyone in the country.

If getting to a DMV is too troublesome, create more local storefronts that generate a government ID.

If they still complain, create a program that would operate during a specific month where free rides are provided to the DMVs so people can get a valid ID.

The excuses on this front by Democrats are both pathetic and insulting. While they pretend to be the party that looks out for minorities, they do so by belittling their intelligence and questioning their ability to act like a responsible adult.

The sad part about this is that minorities continue to allow it to happen. Democrats have done NOTHING for minorities in this country other than use them… yet, the bulk of minorities continue to pull the blue handles in every election.

Just ask yourselves, if you have been electing Democrats for decades and you have been living in poverty for decades, why are you still elected these people to represent you?