NY Times Says Deadly BLM Riots Were ‘Isolated Instances of Property Destruction’ That GOP ‘Exaggerated’


According to the rabidly left New York Times, all the deadly and destructive Black Lives Matter riots which occurred throughout 2020 were nothing but “isolated instances” of harmless property damage. Conservatives, they say, “exaggerated” what they saw. Meanwhile one false flag incursion to the Capitol Building, aided by insiders is enough to declare every single “Trump Supporter” a wanted criminal, whether they were in D.C. or not. With Joe Biden in charge, conservatism is a crime.

The riots were no big deal

Democrats think that it’s okay to say BLM violence was justified by “racial oppression and police brutality” so they project that onto Republicans, wrongly assuming conservatives “justify” the Capitol attack on the BLM riots.

The truth is that conservatives are just as furious with the barbarian attack on the Capitol as they are the barbarian attacks on places like Kenosha.

The editors at the Times suddenly woke up to the fact they can’t have it both ways, but that never stopped a liberal. They often have to believe six impossible things before breakfast. Things like Obama didn’t spy on Trump, or that Hillary didn’t sell any uranium.

Another one they have no problem swallowing is the idea Hunter Biden didn’t take cash from places like China and Ukraine in exchange for meetings with Quid Pro Joe, then kick half back to his dad. Suddenly Democrats want the laws enforced regarding riots. That sure came out of the blue.


There were riots all year long but since January 6, the media has been flooded with articles totally thrashing conservatives for even mentioning the “peaceful” BLM protests. Democrats tone down what the left was up to with words like “unrest.”

Improvised weapons, body armor and Molotov cocktails are completely ignored as the MSM justifies “months of violence, chaos, looting, and damage” as “isolated instances of looting and property destruction.”

Conservatives ‘exaggerated’ the truth

The New World Order has assumed total control so now they can use the controversy to help cover over all the claims that the election wasn’t free or fair and that the new administration is “illegitimate.” As the times wants you to believe, “Democrats pointed to the differences in motivation between the Capitol mob and the mass protests of the Black Lives Matter movement, which was not seeking to overturn an election or being incited by the president.”

The Capitol riots were not incited by the president, they were much more likely incited by the FBI. The patriots there peacefully weren’t trying to “overturn the election” they were asking for a redo to insure that the results were accurate. That’s a huge difference.

The part of the story that the network media only admits grudgingly, when they are called out over it is that “many Republicans condemned violence, attacks on law enforcement personnel and the killing of a Capitol Police officer, Brian Sicknick.” Also, the BLM riots were not “isolated.” From coast to coast, places like Minneapolis, Portland, Atlanta, and Kenosha saw “more than $2 billion in damages.”

Along with the destruction to “businesses, churches, federal buildings, and other downtown structures. Through arson, looting, vandalism, and other crimes, rioters brought damage across more than 20 states.” Then there is the loss of life and numerous lesser injuries. “mostly peaceful” protests “contributed to the deaths of approximately 30 people,” including “a police captain, a former football player, a federal officer, a photographer, business owners, teens, and others.”


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