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Nude Photos and Death Threats…Democrat Official Caught in Scandal


Ethan Berkowitz was the “top elected Democrat in Alaska” as mayor of Anchorage until Tuesday night. He turned in his resignation letter “just days after he vehemently denied allegations by YourAlaskaLink anchor Maria Athens that he had posted nude photos of himself on an underage website.” Ms. Athens is quite a character herself.

Liberal mayor admits sexting

Up in Alaska things get a little wild along the frontier. All the cold and lack of sunlight probably has a lot to do with it.

The state’s largest city is working overtime to keep things warm with controversy. Politicians, TV anchors, nude photos, death threats and joint investigations with the FBI certainly give the locals something to talk about.

On Monday, a day before he quit his job as mayor, Berkowitz admitted some twisted sexting, which he downplayed as “messaging” with female television news personality Maria Athens. The Democrat admits that their “relationship” began in 2016 without clarifying whether or not they ever became intimate.

He says he was forced to quit because she made his life miserable. “My resignation results from unacceptable personal conduct that has compromised my ability to perform my duties with the focus and trust that is required.” She apparently stumbled on some disturbing photos and recognized him from them.

“I apologize to the people of Anchorage for a major lapse in judgment I made several years ago when I had a consensual, inappropriate messaging relationship with reporter Maria Athens. I’m embarrassed and ashamed for the hurt I’ve caused my family and our community. I take responsibility for my actions.” It all started with a voice mail about the photos.

Profanity and racist-laden phone call

Last Friday morning, Berkowitz got a voice mail from Athens which soon went public. After announcing herself to her former text-partner, and reminding him of her journalistic credentials, she yelled at him as only a truly angry woman can.

It seems that her “sources” dropped some disturbing images on her desk for a developing story and she recognized the perpetrator. “The caller claimed to have learned from sources that Berkowitz had been posting nude photos on an underage website, and that she planned to report this on that evening’s news.”

At least, that’s the gist of what she was driving at. In between the profanity and insults against his genetic heritage, she threatened to kill Berkowitz, of Jewish persuasion, along with his wife. She was that mad at whatever the photos showed.

“You either turn yourself in, kill yourself or do what you need to do.” She was obviously steamed that her former “friend” could stoop so low. “I can’t believe I am such a good person and thought I loved you. I don’t even hate you. I will pray for your Zionist f—–g ass. And I’m putting this on the news tonight. Bye. Have a great Friday!” She “also predicted she would win an Emmy for her reporting.”

It wasn’t long after Athens posted one of the photos, allegedly a photo of Berkowitz’s nude backside,” that he resigned as mayor. That’s not the end of it though. The plot thickens. It seems that the bizarrely revealed relationship caused some friction between Athens and her current boyfriend as well, indicating that the woman isn’t all that stable to start with.

More than just the photos

According to the district attorney’s charging documents, the photos are only part of the story. “Athens and the station’s manager, who is described as her boyfriend in the documents, got into an argument while driving in Anchorage.

He made her get out of the car and told her she was barred from returning to the station.” She didn’t listen.”

Athens nevertheless went back to the television studio and attacked him. When police arrived, she hit an officer trying to arrest her and was placed in full restraints after she tried to kick out the back window of the police cruiser with her high heels.” She’s been charged with assault, criminal mischief and disorderly conduct and is already out on bail.

The FBI got dragged into it over the death threats, but they aren’t expecting much to come of it. Athens admitted texting Berkowitz on WhatsApp starting in 2016. “When he slided into my texts, he was so smooth with his little witty slogans and pictures.

He gave me attention when I was lonely.” Obviously she cared about him or she wouldn’t be this angry about the photos on the underage site which haven’t surfaced yet due to the side show.


  1. There are some really sick people out there. They all seem to lean to the communist democrat party. Although, that’s not so surprising. When you remove God and religious beliefs from your platform, what do you have left? A sick, depraved, mentally ill human being. That’s the backbone of the communist democrat party or as I prefer to refer to them as “DEMOCOMMIES”!

  2. Legalizing MJ leads to violence – especially after years and years – look at what it has done to Mexico – why not Alaska?

  3. What the hell is it with mid-level Democrat men, that makes it so hard for them to keep their pants on when young girls are involved? My God, there are many such stories and they never end well, so you would think they might learn a lesson from those who fell before them and keep their pants on. Oh well, the people who elect them are stupid and once elected they seem to have a job for life, because the stupid fools keep reelecting them. I guess this must be the only way to get rid of one of them-so be it.

  4. Is it just me or are there a massive number of Democraps suddenly being arrested for their sexual proclivities?? I pray that authorities release the Epstein records unredacted. From what little of the records that have been leaked the Democraps have many members who partook of Epstein’s offerings. We know that both Hitlery and Slick Willie partook of those wares.


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