NPR: The Warsaw Ghetto Can Teach The World How to Beat Back an Outbreak


National Public Radio (NPR) received a massive backlash after publishing a piece surrounding a ghetto in Nazi-controlled Warsaw and trying to correlate that to controlling a deadly disease. 

NPR Seems to Sympathize with Nazis

NPR received American tax dollars and released an article titled “The Warsaw Ghetto Can Teach The World How To Beat Back An Outbreak” on Tuesday.

It covered the history of a typhoid outbreak that swept Poland in the 1940s. This was after Adolf Hitler took over the country and began corralling Jews and Polish people into crowded ghettos.

The article bases its information off of a study that promotes the Nazis as pseudo heroes for helping combat the spread of typhoid the Warsaw ghetto by dictating strict sanitation measures and increasing their captive’s rations.

The Study Praises Jews not Nazis

The study does the opposite and credits the Jewish and Polish leaders that were trapped in the ghetto for convincing their communities to take precautionary steps to control the spread of disease.

The abstract of the study says:

The highly dependent interplay of disease, famine, war, and society is examined based on an extreme period during World War II. Using mathematical modeling, we reassess events during the Holocaust that led to the liquidation of the Warsaw Ghetto (1941–1942), with the eventual goal of deliberately killing ~450,000, mostly Jewish residents, many through widespread starvation and a large-scale typhus epidemic. The Nazis justified genocide supposedly to control the spread of disease. This exemplifies humanity’s ability to turn upon itself, based on racially guided epidemiological principles, merely because of the appearance of a bacterium. Deadly disease and starvation dynamics are explored using modeling and the maths of food ration cards. Strangely, the epidemic was curtailed and was brought to a sudden halt before winter, when typhus normally accelerates. A far more massive epidemic outbreak was prevented through the antiepidemic efforts by the often considered incompetent and corrupt ghetto leadership and the Herculean efforts of ghetto doctors.


In true ridiculous fashion, NPR attempted to portray the study as a lesson plan for combating the coronavirus.

Social Media Fights Back

People on social media were quick to slam the radio site for its tasteless attempt to draw connections between the coronavirus and the typhoid outbreak that struck Nazi-controlled Poland.



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