No Longer Forced Out: Law and Order Scores Wins Further Infuriating Radical Dems


When you chase all your law enforcement officers away, laws don’t get enforced. After all of last year’s “defund the police” nonsense, Democrats are learning that there are consequences to actions. When the shopkeepers and ordinary citizens start whining about “protection” from “criminals” it gets embarrassing at city hall. Okay, progressives acknowledge grudgingly, maybe we do need cops. Trying to replace the trained professionals isn’t as easy as it sounds when the bosses made it clear they’re really not welcome. They can still get cops to go out on patrol, just not the cream of the crop.

Law and disorder

For all the crystal crunching that liberals like to do, they don’t have a clue about how karma works. They just can’t seem to believe we actually live in a “cause and effect” universe.

The law doesn’t apply to Democrats, they insist. Not even the laws of physics. The Wisconsin Department of Justice would love to see your resume. Anyone’s resume at this point.

Things have gotten so bad for Wisconsin that they were forced to rehire all the bad cops they weeded out from the force before.

They aren’t murderers or rapists so they got their badges back. The state can’t afford to be choosy with hiring law officers now. Not unless they want to just hand the city over to Antifa the way Biden handed Afghanistan to the Taliban.

All the good and honest well trained professional police officers left the state in droves after the way they were treated. Currently, Wisconsin boasts agents of the law like these. Off the bat, one was “accused by a supervisor of snoozing in his squad car while on duty.”

Another “had multiple drunken run-ins with police, including after bar fights.” A third “repeatedly sent lewd photos to a female officer.” All of them have learned their lessons and are ready for another chance. The city is thrilled to be able to give them their badges and guns back.


All fired or forced out

A significant number of cops in the state of Wisconsin were reportedly “fired or forced out” previously. About 200 of them. These police units are all veterans. Veteran screw ups.

Every one of them were “fired from previous jobs in law enforcement, resigned before completion of an internal investigation or in lieu of termination.”

More than 1,000 people fit that category which means there are 800 more waiting to be signed back up. “Some of the most serious offenses include Jefferson County Deputy Sheriff Janelle Gericke, who in January was sentenced to two years in prison after pleading guilty to burglary.”

Officer Gericke seems to be just a little bit confused over which side of the law she’s on. Maybe that changes from day to day.

Deputy Joel Streicher ran a red light in his police SUV and hit a vehicle. Oops. His little mistake ended up “killing a man and injuring a woman.” Just because he did jail time doesn’t mean he can’t enforce the law.

“He was sentenced in April to six months in jail.” He’s out now and back on patrol. With a long and faithful career of cuffing and hauling anarchist Black Lives Matter members into court, he might just earn back the trust of conservative citizens.