Nikki Haley’s 14 Words Nail the Difference Between Trump and Hillary

Nikki Haley
Photo via Nikki Haley Twitter Video

Nikki Haley has once again stepped up to support Trump when it mattered the most.

After the former U.N. ambassador saw Trump’s response to the attack in Iraq, she stated, “The United States does not respond with fear. The United States responds with strength.”

The Benghazi Debacle

When the attacks about our embassy in Benghazi and the CIA outpost took place, there seemed to be nothing but fear and confusion.

At the time, Hillary Clinton was our Secretary of State.

Rather than working to protect our people, Hillary and Obama seemed more worried about the optics of the situation.

With CIA contract workers only miles away, Hillary refused to approve their use to put down the attack or at the very least, to remove U.S. personnel from the embassy.

While all of this was going on, our quick reaction force (QRF) was reportedly changing in and out of their uniforms.

Hillary was reportedly worried about the optics of uniformed forces showing up in Benghazi rather than worrying about saving American lives.

Now, as well all know, we lost an ambassador and three contract workers, all lives that could have been saved if Hillary and Obama had pulled the trigger when the attacks first started happening.

No Benghazi Here

Trump was not about to have his own Benghazi while in office.

The moment word of the attacks started, Trump approved the appropriate measures to prevent this uprising to go any higher than a mob attack.

Forces were seen on the roof bearing their weapons and ready to use them if needed.

Air support was immediately dispensed and is still conducting flyovers to ensure our embassy staff remains safe.

Trump also ordered 100 Marines to the area to ensure the area remains secured and our people are properly protected.

That is exactly how a president should respond… fearlessly, quickly, and decisively. Three words that will NEVER be associated with Hillary Clinton (or Barack Obama for that matter).