New Post-Impeachment Poll Spells T-R-O-U-B-L-E for Democrats

Jerry Nadler
Photo Courtesy of MTA via Creative Commons License

Democrats are conducting this impeachment to get Trump out of the way.

If they cannot get him removed from office, they are hoping to do enough damage that he will not get re-elected.

Based on the most recent polls, though, their efforts are having the opposite effect.

Trump Winning Huge

When this election season started, Donald Trump was trailing virtually every Democrat candidate in a hypothetical presidential race.

As this impeachment has moved forward, the American people are less and less behind the removal of Trump from office.

That lack of support for the impeachment is now turning into a massive swing in the presidential election polls toward Donald Trump.

In the latest USA Today/Suffolk University poll released on Monday, Trump is now beating every Democrat candidate in the race.

Posted by Donald J. Trump on Wednesday, December 18, 2019

The Poll

As I have stated numerous times, poll numbers, in general, are not trustworthy, but they do show a trend.

In the case of this latest poll, we have seen a continuing trend in support for Trump.

For instance, in a previous poll, Trump and Biden were almost dead even.

Prior to that, Biden once held a seven-point lead. 

Now, Trump holds a three percent edge over Biden.

The same can be said when we go right down the line with the other candidates in this race.

Trump has a five-point edge over Sanders, an eight-point advantage over Warren, a 10-point edge over Buttigieg, and a nine-point edge over Bloomberg.

The one very telling demographic in this poll was the 18-34 group… the millennials.

Within this group, the group of liberals that all want something for nothing, Trump lost across the board.

This is the Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren groups that are hoping to change this country into a socialist country.

While it won’t happen during this election, this is clearly the group that needs to be reached and educated on the freedoms they will lose if they allow someone like Sanders or Warren in the White House.

It is also proof that for the 2024 election, we really need to get a candidate that can reach this specific group and appeal to them because we will not hold this edge much longer and if we allow them to vote for freebies over freedom, our country, as our Founders envisioned it, will never be the same.