New Poll Shows Trump Leading Biden, A Red Wave is Upon US!

Trump Election MAGA Rally

President Trump is leading Joe Biden in the latest Rasmussen poll. The telephone and online survey of likely voters has found Trump and Biden in a near tie, with Trump ahead by just a single percentage point.

Break out your MAGA hat and mount that flag on your vehicle. Election week is here. It’s been a long and wild campaign season and finally Americans will take to the polls and decide the fate of our great country.

The latest survey found 48% favoring Trump. 47% favoring Biden. 3% of voters are supporting a third party candidate and 2% are still undecided.

The same poll, Rasmussen’s Weekly White House Watch Survey, had Biden ahead of the President last week by a 3% lead. 49% vs 46%. The race has been gradually tightening this month and finally President Trump has pulled ahead.

What’s driving President Trump’s sudden lead over “Sleepy Joe?”

It could be a variety of factors. It’s important to note that the survey was conducted between October 21-22. This was prior to the last presidential debate. A debate that most polls suggest the President won by a large margin. This means that the next Rasmussen survey results could show President Trump leading Biden by an even larger percentage just days before the election.

Hunter Biden’s Laptop From Hell

The bombshell New York Post article about Hunter Biden’s laptop might land the fatal blow to the Biden campaign. The hard drive supposedly contains incriminating photos of Hunter’s heavy drug use, sexual misconduct, and most importantly, damning evidence that suggests Joe Biden is corrupt to the core, using his drug addicted son as a bag man to collect money from foreign governments in exchange for favors.

Americans have always been suspicious of career politicians and this story just further justifies their concerns. Just as alarming as the allegations themselves is the left wing media’s total blackout on the story. Twitter and Facebook have went so far as to suspend accounts that link to the story, a move that has backfired horribly and only drew more attention to the scandal.


Trump Leading Biden Big in MAGA Country!

Another factor in Trump’s success is the relentless campaigning day after day in cities across the country. The man is a machine, holding multiple rallies daily in front of massive crowds of loyal supporters. It truly is a beautiful sight to behold.

Trump 2020 KAG Rally


Can We Even Trust The Polls?

Americans are skeptical of polls. Rightfully so. We still remember what happened in 2016 when many reputable polls had Hillary Clinton picked as the clear winner. Some giving her a 70%-99% chance of winning. They also predicted she would win states like Pennsylvania and Wisconsin, which ultimately turned red and voted for Trump. Will they get it right this time around? We shall see.

Regardless of what the polls say, we can’t be complicit. The future of our dear republic is on the line. Make sure you, your friends, and your family get out and vote on November 3rd.


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