Nationals Pitcher Calls Out Fake News Report on White House Visit

More fake news exposed.

Strasburg with Trump

The video of Stephen Strasburg turning away from President Trump has gone viral.

It has been touting as Strasburg leaving Trump hanging and refusing to shake his hand, but that is hardly what happened.

The Video

The original video was a 10-second clip of Strasburg finishing his speech, then turning to give someone behind him a hug.

Trump had stuck out his hand for Strasburg to shake, but the Nationals pitcher clearly did not see it, as he nodded and turned to the person he was about to hug.

That video blew up on Twitter, getting more than 35,000 likes and more than 8,000 retweets in less than 24 hours.

Pretty strong for some random account.

The only problem was the video was cut short to promote a bogus narrative and Stephen Strasburg was not having any of it.

Strasburg saw the post not long after it went out and he immediately corrected the story with a post that simply said, “#FakeNews.”

Others were quick to come to the defense of both the President and Strasburg to correct the story…

Hurting Their Own Cause

I have been doing political writing for quite some time now and the one thing that I have seen take down causes and movements is manipulated news.

I am not talking about commentary, which we do here, but rather an outright manipulation of the news story to suit your own narrative, or, as Trump has coined it, fake news.

We give facts, then comment on them; they just rewrite the entire story to suit their own narrative.

The problem with that is that it always gets exposed at some point and the cause gets hurt by it.

The individual that sent out this video is only helping our case because he just proved the left is willing to do anything, even manipulate a national story that could easily be debunked, simply to undermine the President.

It won’t work, because the #MAGA army is watching!

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