Nancy Pelosi Turns House Over to Radical Islamic Extremist

Nancy Pelosi

When it comes to Nancy Pelosi, there are a lot of things about her professional life that she would rather that you didn’t know about.

Here’s the rub: if you knew just how many things this woman has gotten away with, you would quickly realize just how much of a traitor to our country this individual truly is.

Indeed, it should definitely make you lose sleep at night just knowing the fact that this woman is third in line for becoming POTUS.

What we Found 

We had to do a little bit of digging for this, but one example of this would have to be when Pelosi gave Muslim Imam Omar Suleiman the duty of reciting opening prayers back in May of 2019.

While there isn’t anything wrong with having some diversity, you should realize that this man is anything but moderate.


Just the fact that the radical anti-semitic leftist Linda Sarsour was applauding Nancy’s decision to invite this man should give you a good clue. However, unfortunately, there is more to the story. 

Even though Sarsour tweeted out that Omar Suleiman’s prayer was “beautiful and moving”, the man himself has views that are far from it.

Suleiman is a blatant, violent anti-semitic individual, who has made plenty of waves because he regularly compares the nation of Israel to the Nazi Party from World War II.

Additionally, Suleiman came under fire because he believes that Israelites are terrorists. Finally, Suleiman is also known for his ardent support of the Muslim Brotherhood, which he believes is very important for Palestinians.

Not so Peaceful 

Incidentally, he also believes that Palestinians should commit intifada and attack Jews as much as possible. Simply put, this man is no friend to our American ideals, and we should be appalled that Nancy Pelosi felt it was appropriate to invite this man to offer the opening prayer in the House!

Representative Lee Zeldin (R-NY) tweeted that he felt it was “Completely unacceptable that @SpeakerPelosi allowed Omar Suleiman to give our opening prayer in the House yesterday.

This is a man who compares Israel to the German Nazi Party and believes they are terrorists. He is a supporter of the Muslim Brotherhood and does everything he can to incite violence, including calling for a Palestinian atifada and believes that zionism should come to an end. Bad call.” 

The Facebook post he made garnered a lot of attention, to say the least. It had over 1,900 comments, 4,200 shares, 17,000 individuals “liked” it, and this post was even republished on a Malaysian website.


Imam Suleiman was calling for this “3rd Intifada” in the midst of a war between the Hamas regime of Gaza and Israel. Of course, this current conflict came on the heels of the cold-blooded murder of three Israeli teenagers by members of Hamas in June 2018.

At around this same time, Hamas was also “firing rockets” into Israel’s boundaries. The fact that Imam Suleiman has been advocating all of these terrible things shows any lover of freedom that there is nothing “beautiful and moving” about anything involving this man’s life. He is the terrorist, and Nancy Pelosi should be REMOVED from her post for allowing him to give the prayer. Where is the outcry? 


  1. this old fossil lost the house at the first opening when she allowed the muslim black-crows takeover the anti-everything that trump did group that formed when she did not put a stop to it at the opening bell.

  2. One laughs at people like this . They cry about other countrys and how they live yet instead of moving there and helping them in their country . They live in our country where their safe and sound with the rights that our men and women died for , so they can have the freedom here they can’t have in their old country . So they sit here crying about their betters yapping like a running dog . You want to be a big dog … then get off the porch and act like a big dog instead of crying like a little puppy . It’s the same old story over and over . Them that can’t cry about them that can . Cowards trying to act tuff by hiding behind others . Send the bitchs back home so they can tuffen up and help fix their country first . then they can talk about fixing other countrys cause they now know the truth they couldn’t understand befor . That’s if they can Amite the truth . The truth may not fit their needs , like the delusional democrats way of thinking . Truth does not help their needs .

  3. Pelosi isn’t the ONLY member of Congress who is guilty of TREASON against the United States, The only thing I don’t understand is why no one in authority hasn’t done something about it. These traitors are allowed to do whatever they want to destroy our government and country, and everybody sits back, closes there eyes and allows it to happen, and then makes the excuse,”Well they were duly elected”. like that should make a difference.

  4. What is in the head of this idiot that serves as Speaker of the House? She is combative towards the President, tries to set up a committee to study the removal of a president via the 25th Amendment, and invites near terrorist to say prayers before the Congress! This woman is nuts! We should be investigating if she is completely bonkers, mentally deranged or has had like a stroke or some impairment! She is not normal and is becoming a threat to our security if she is not of sound mind and good health.

  5. Given that Nutsy looks upon Obozo as a god her doing something near to TREASON should shock no one. Obozo committed TREASON when he freed 5 TERRORISTS he knew would return to killing Americans and others. America is at War with TERRORISTS and Obozo voted for that War all Democraps did. He released the TERRORISTS that Trump had killed and Democraps had a fit because with that TERRORIST’S death the Iran deal was dead for good. But Obozo also gave Iran billions so they have been able to get closer to a Nuke without the deal that would have ensured they would get nukes. So Obozo’s TREASON is not only to America but to all humanity. Nutsy just wants to be just like Obozo and will do anything to achieve that goal.

  6. While the prayer itself seemed innocent and kind on the surface, I wouldn’t trust anything that comes out of this man’s mouth. His actions belie the seeming sincerity of his words.


  8. Will pelosi ever do the job she was elected to do, work for the people and uphold her constitutional obligations. Her childish, treasonous behavior needs to be dealt with, immediately. Before she finally collapses america. Research people, she’s become a multi millionaire at our expenditure.


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