Nancy Pelosi Runs into 100 Strong Brick Wall


Nancy Pelosi keeps running into walls. It isn’t because of her alleged drinking problem. First there was Trump’s wall. She doesn’t like talking about that any more than Antony Blinken likes to talk about Saigon. Now, the woman who conservatives like to call Nasty Nancy hit the “100-Strong GOP brick wall.” At least, that’s what all the right wing blogs are calling it.

Pelosi walled off

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is feeling frustrated that Republicans won’t let her burn more money. They lined up shoulder to shoulder in solidarity and told her in no uncertain terms that they won’t raise the debt ceiling.

Democrats have fires burning everywhere and need money to squirt through a fire hose at them. More than 100 House Republicans signed a letter Monday telling them to forget about it.

The only way Joe Biden and the Imperial Palace can provide bread and circuses to the masses is by Nancy Pelosi coming through on her end of the bargain.

That means wheedling Congress into approving “trillions of dollars we don’t have, and taxing Americans into oblivion.”

What should be walled off is our Southern border but ICE detention stations have become welcoming centers.

Everyone strolling across the wide open border is given a welcome to America starter pack and a free ride to the closest Greyhound station. Pelosi doesn’t care if they have Covid or not, as long as they wear a mask.



Throw money at it

Nobody seems to mind that inflation numbers are starting to look like that hockey stick graph that Al Gore used to drag around with him on his private jet from one global warming crisis meeting to the next, trying to save the polar bears that aren’t drowning.

The more money we spend, the worse inflation gets. Pelosi has been convinced by Joe Biden that the enormous taxes he’s planning will even things out.

Biden doesn’t want to talk about money right now because he just donated about $85 million bucks worth of high-powered military equipment including fighter jets and Black Hawk helicopters to the Taliban.

Nancy Pelosi doesn’t care about all that. She just wants to bring socialism to the masses. The whole goal is to “transform” the American economy. Conservatives say that total destruction certainly counts as transformation.

For now, the non-RINO Republicans are holding tough. Read our lips, we’re not raising the credit card limit. “In order for this spending to occur, our nation’s debt limit will have to be increased significantly.

Because Democrats are responsible for the spending, they need to take responsibility for increasing the debt ceiling.” If Pelosi wants it to happen, she has to get every single Democrat and all the RINOs too. With Donald Trump firmly leading the Republican charge into 2022, RINOs are an endangered species.