Nancy Pelosi Fosters Further Divide By Going on CNN and Saying THIS


Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) just cannot help herself when it comes to spewing divisive rhetoric, especially in a time when the country is facing severe upheaval.

Pelosi Calls Chokehold an Act of “Lynching”

The House Speaker referred to police using chokeholds as “a lynching” and rattled on about Democrat introduced police reform legislation.

“I can’t imagine they wouldn’t have a ban on chokeholds. Let’s get reasonable, Pelosi said to CNN on June 15. “A chokehold is a lynching. That’s a strangulation. It’s a lynching.”

“I think that is almost like the lowest common denominator, but again I will leave it up to my negotiators, because as you know in a negotiation, it’s not what’s in or out, it’s the sum total of the different impact that the legislation will have in justice and policing,” the vocal democrat continued.

Dems Block Republican Police Bill

Republican Senator Tim Scott led the way for a police reform package on the heels of George Floyd’s death but has been stifled by House Democrats. Scott called the left’s move “race politics at its worst.”

“In the House bill right now they refused any Republican amendments. In our legislation, I offered five because they said they needed five. I offered 20 because they said 20. I offered a manager’s amendment, which basically means we can rewrite the parts of the bill that you want to. They said no. They had no desire to actually solve this issue before the election,” Scott said on “Fox & Friends.”

More Division From Pelosi and Her Cohorts

Pelosi has been using the riots surrounding George Floyd’s death in order to gain more traction in dividing the country through political pandering. Earlier this month, the speaker joined other democrats who took a knee in the Emancipation Hall at the U.S. Capitol.


“That tragedy, that tragedy, that hour of history … slavery in our own country and then all the consequences of that,” Pelosi started. “We are here to observe that pain. We are here to respect the actions of the American people to speak out against that, specifically manifested in police brutality.”

“We are here to honor George Floyd,” she continued, “and so many others who lost their lives and were abused by police brutality.”

Pelosi and other Democrats have fought against President Trump fiercely since before his 2016 election. Since the contrived Russia collusion and impeachment hoax failed, Pelosi and other American sovereignty haters have tried to use the coronavirus and police abolishment as last-ditch efforts to undermine American freedom going forward.



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