Nadler Shows HEAVY Bias and Refuses to Follow the Rules, GOP Member Calls Him Out


Controversial democrat Jerrold Nadler showed flagrantly heavy bias and refused to follow the rules. Wednesday’s House Judiciary Committee meeting deteriorated into anarchy when chairman tried to play king. As former Deputy Attorney General Donald Ayer’s opening propaganda droned on endlessly and way beyond the allotted five minutes, Republican Louie Gohmert hoisted the Jolly Roger and seized control of the floor until he made a point.

Heavy bias from the liberal chairman

Jerrold Nadler is prejudiced against conservatives and Louie Gohmert is firmly behind the Republican Lives Matter movement. It’s time to defund the intelligence community to pull the plug on all the illegal domestic spying. Progressive expert Donald Ayer droned on and on with his liberal bias about how nasty President Donald Trump is to democrats, Texas Republican Gohmert started “making a tapping noise to drown him out.”

Democrats were cheesed off because they were trying to take notes to use the stuff for another go at impeachment and demanded the sergeant-at-arms make Gohmert stop tapping. “Mr. Chairman, I would ask that the sergeant-at-arms be called upon to stop the disruption of this meeting,” Georgia Democrat Hank Johnson drawled. “I can’t hear this witness. This is a very important witness.”

“Yeah, well he’s way beyond his time,” Gohmert countered. “And if there are no rules about when people can talk, there are no rules about when you can make noise.” He’s right. When the “lawmakers” don’t understand the importance of the rule of law, something is terribly wrong. Gohmert called the bias “outrageous.”

That’s not fair

“Do you have no respect for the rules whatsoever?” he asked Nadler, not really expecting an answer. Ayer was clearly “two minutes beyond concluding.” It wasn’t fair. It was a total display of bias. “You don’t let us have that kind of time, you gavel us down immediately. You’re being grossly unfair.” Ayer kept talking and Gohmert kept tapping.

Johnson didn’t care about rules, that’s why they have a democrat chairman. They don’t need any “steenking” rules. They make them up as they go along. Rules, Johnson twisted, permit “the chair to allow extra time at his discretion.” He can play king any time he wants to.


Rep. Doug Collins took offense at that remark. House rules, he snapped, certainly do not allow Nadler to “capriciously determine the five-minute rule at the whim of what he wants.” That’s not just bias, it’s anarchy. “Arbitrarily deciding when the five-minute rule will be applied and when it will not be applied.”

Things really got ugly then. Nadler slammed Collins with razor sharp legalese saying he had “not stated a cognizable point of order.” Oh, so you want something clearly identifiable? Collins whacked the clown squarely on his rubber ball nose. Nadler, he said, had “not stated a recognizable way of running the committee in 18 months.”


  1. Now when Trump starts following the rules and norms which his supports say Trump needs to get rid of so he can become an Autocratic ruler, so the House under Democrats are doing exactly what they should be doing it is the Republicans in the Senate which are not following protocol which has been established through centuries of Government.

  2. Snicker (no not the candy bar) the header says it all ‘heavy bias’ – what other kind can we expect from him …………………….

  3. Nadler needs to be shut down and tossed out on his behind! He is a fine example of complete hate and stupidity in the democrat party. He would have been a find poster boy for Hitler.


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