Muslim Leads Prayer Against ‘Infidels’ in the Senate, Then a War Veteran Steps in

US Veteran
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The lean to the left in this country is, well, despicable.

People are so worried about being politically correct and not offending the LGBTQ community or the illegal immigrants living here or minority religious groups, they are putting the concerns of actual citizens and residents at risk.

Well, Dave Lawson, a military veteran and state Senator for Delaware, was in a situation where the Quran was being read prior to a state Senate meeting in April 2017, and he finally hit his breaking point.

Lawson is an Air Force Veteran and did his tour of duty in Vietnam.

After the session opened with a prayer from the Quran, Lawson stood up to protest the reading.

He stated, “We just heard from the Quran, which calls for our very demise.

“I fought for this country, not to be damned by someone that comes in here and prays to their God for our demise.

“I think that’s despicable.”

What you did not see in that video is the end of the session, when Lawson was actually called out for speaking his mind.

Then-Delaware Senate President Pro Tempore David McBride (D-New Castle) ended the session by ripping Lawson.

He stated, “I have never been of the mind to censure the words of other members, but I also believe deeply that words have consequences.

“To criticize the sacred prayer of another religion from the floor of the Senate strikes me as antithetical to everything we ought to stand for as lawmakers.”

McBride went on to say, “I am personally offended that our guests from the Muslim community and anyone else here in the chamber today would feel anything less than welcomed with opened arms.

“And for our guests today to be branded as anti-American when our First Amendment of our country’s Constitution explicitly guarantees the freedom of religion is both ironic and deeply sad to me.”

When McBride stated that he was “hopeful we can move past this sad chapter in the body’s history,” Lawson told him he was “ignorant to what’s going on.”


  1. Our country was founded upon Judeo-Christian principles and not the cult religion of Islam! The First Amendment has been abused to suit the internal enemies of our country, and I stand ready to honor my Military Oath as will Al Lawson, Jr. Al Lawson, Jr. is right Mr. McBride, you are ignorant. I bet you know absolutely nothing about Sir Winston Churchill’s warnings about the fanaticism of the Muslims’ Muhammadanism to rule the world, and the fact that the Muslims recently demanded their Sharia Law be the law of the land in Australia until former Prime Minister Kevin Rudd told the Muslims to GET OUT!

    By the way Mr. McBride, have you ever read the Muslim’s Qur’an?

    USAF (RET)

    • Amen. To many bleeding heart liberals haven’t a clue what the Quran says or that we are considered infidels not fit to live unless we convert to them. Their religion aims for world domination at any costs. To support it is to openly ask for the destruction of our Constitution and elimination of our freedom.

    • I am sure that most ignorant liberals are NOT aware, that Islam is NOT a peaceful religion, and it DOES call for “Infidels” to convert, or basically be killed ! There is NO WAY, that the Quran should have been read, in place of our BIBLE, in the Senate. The Muslims plan on doing everything possible, to change our World, into a Muslim World. I was not aware myself of the danger, until I took a course in World History !

  2. AMen to Lawson. The man who excoriated him for speaking the truth about Islam or Muslims was right on the money. and They *the men allowing this* are ignorant to what is going on…..and they are also ignroant to the end of America that they are pushing to get. Islam/Muslm’s bible is the quran…. states that infidels, *that is us follks* tells the Muslms that anyone who doesn’t believe in Allah as they do, are infidels and deserve to be kiled in anyway they can. Well folks, with this story, you see that we are allowing them in…and their plan is to take over America….and make us disapper or convert. I will never convert because Muhammed their prophet was a pediphile and a murderer. I don’t follow those type of people…and neither should we. What would Jesus say?…and don’t tell me what Allah would say…i care nothing for that.

    • I totally agree with you except for 1 word used – ignorance is when you don’t know better, stupidity is when you know better but do it anyway. I think stupid fits better.

  3. I would like to apologize to U.S. Senator Dave Lawson for naming the wrong person. No apologies to Mr. David McBride…. he is ignorant!

    USAF (RET)

  4. Lawson was RIGHT, in condemning the Quran being read ! Why wasn’t something from the BIBLE read instead of the Quran ! We, frankly cater FAR too much to the Muslim community, and IGNORE the Judeo-Christian Community, which is DISGRACEFUL !

    • But a priest, minister, or rabbi might call on the love and grace of God to heal our nation. That’s dangerous to the liberals and Islamics.

  5. These are the same people that vow to DESTROY us every chance they. get. They reoorize and rape our women and young children!! There so called religion is nothing more than permission to rape , kill, wage war and destroy other people for no reason. And in their countries the Bible is offensive and used to start fires and their children are taught just how bad and worthless other religions are!!
    And yet they are allowed to come to AMERICA and go into our hfooices of government and read it and not the Bible?? Well I guess its time to evict them and they leaders of the people and let real people get into office and run our state and federal courts and buildings right

  6. There is no reason that a muzlime. Should be given the opportunity to spread his vile ” religion in the Senate kf any State or Federal building period. Their goal Is total WORLD domination.Submit or die. AMERICA needs to WAKE THE HELL UP BEFORE IT’S TO LATE, OR WE WILL ALL BE KNEELING TO ALLAH. VOTE GOP IN NOVEMBER AND SEND THE LEFT AND THE RADICAL MUZLIMES BACK TO THEIR HOMELAND. TRUMP 2020!!!! GOD BLESS AMERICA!!!

  7. It can’t get any stupider then this . Our sworn enemy praying to destroy us in our own government with these dumb ass’s praying with the enemy of our country . Yes they are that stupid . Why are we now negotiatein with terrorist in our own country . If you think this is the new order in our world … then you are part of the problem . Being a vet and fighting for our country and seeing how these terrorist treat others showed the way of their new world order . If you bend to them we are lost as a country . There’s no reason to bend one inch , Their terrorist we never bend or negotiate with terrorist .

  8. Islamic practice, doctrine and intent is to KILL all non-delivered.
    Uh? That would be….YOU! Perhaps you’ll learn the lesson as you watch Muslims pile your wife’s head in her guts? Probably not.

  9. Dear Lord God, please open your peoples’ eyes and hearts. This country and the world needs to be ready for your Glorious return. I am a Christian and will forever serve my God.


  10. This country was built not on the Qur’an but on biblical principles! That is one of the reasons for the United States of America and not a muslim, or whatever you want to call the people, (I don’t have a terminology that would be nice other than people) who are trying to change our country. If they don’t like our country they need to go to a country that will accept their religious beliefs.

  11. One member of my family is a Muslim and he threaten me if I don’t be converted he will kill me. I am Christian and I die for my faith not to succumb to Muslim Allah!

  12. I am not a Muslim and, truth be known, I recoil from that religion. However, there really are a lot of very serious infidels in the Senate who desperately need divine intervention in their lives. I hope that the Muslim’s prayer is answered.

  13. I stand with Senator Lawson. If the wimpies wish to allow these Christian hating muslims to dominate our country and our religion, then we have a bunch of gutless leaders. Yes, we have free speech including freedom of religion, but we don’t have freedom to impose our beliefs on others. We can tell them about our faith just as they should in ;lieu of trying to kill us for not following their leader who died and has not returned.???? From all the actions by the demoncratics, it appears they have some form of muslim religion??????

  14. Arm up and Ammo up all American Patriots. Our Country is at War with the socialist commies . Remember to take out all high ranking democrats first then the socialist commies will scatter.

  15. The Democrats in every State & DC need to be held accountable for allowing Obama to not be vetted into our government as a non citizen Islamic Terrorists! Death is the only recourse for them all!

  16. I have plenty of questions for all moderators, like are you all rabidly Anti-American liberal commie or something worse? You ever read the Koran & interpretations of it? That is NO RELIGION BUT AN IDEOLOGY & TOTALLY ANTI-AMERICAN CALLING FOR OUR DEMISE? If you are good with them I suggest Tomahawk Lessons with me or my Brothers!


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