Muslim Feels Odd Stinging Sensation Right Before Raping Young Girl


A Muslim terrorist was about to take advantage of a young girl, however, he soon felt a very sudden stinging sensation.

Needless to say, he got his in the most brutal fashion possible.

Here is the story behind it…

The Muslim was a part of an ISIS group and he was looking for underage Jihadi brides.

In this barbaric custom, Muslims would look for underage girls and force them to either be married to older men or be sexually assaulted and tortured in a vat of acid.

However, the “burning sensation” that this man felt before he was about to commit this atrocity was because he was getting hit by an ax by an SAS soldier!

The ISIS member didn’t even know what hit him!

You see, the SAS is a joint American-British force that learned about these ISIS atrocities and then isolated one area within Afghanistan where it was happening.


They proceeded to engage the compound in a 2-hour firefight, and it was during this time that this monster met this terrible end.

“Member of ISIS have been in this area for several months now,” an anonymous source told the Daily Star.

“They have been kidnapping pre-pubescent who they think should be Jihadi brides.

“If the parents of these young girls objected to this treatment, they were either shot or beheaded.

“There were some girls who escaped, but they met terrible deaths, either being crucified or tortured to death.

“However, the ones that were able to make it to safety were offered homes.”

The story of the Iraqi and Afghani sergeant fighting with the American and British unit who attacked the terrorist with the ax quickly went viral. Many praised him for his quick thinking.

“The good guys won today,” someone said on the Daily Mail website. “So glad these girls have been rescued.” Someone else added, “Good for him, he did what needed to be done.”

Let this go to show you: it’s only a matter of time before freedom and democracy will win over the forces of evil. God Bless America and God Bless everyone throughout the world who believes in freedom!