Music LEGEND Charlie Daniels Steps Up and Rips Nancy Pelosi to Pieces


Not only is Charlie Daniels a music legend, he’s a true American patriot. He often steps up on the soapbox to voice his opinion on conservative issues. Recently, he ripped Nancy Pelosi to pieces, and for an encore, he’s taking on Obamagate. “When institutions, put in place to serve the public in a fair and impartial fashion step over the bias line, it harms the very foundation of liberty and justice on which all of our nation was founded.”

Pelosi’s steps to block the stimulus

When House Speaker Nancy Pelosi took obstructive steps to block a desperately needed stimulus package, holding it hostage in exchange for a $25 million ransom delivered to the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts, Charlie Daniels went ballistic. “Ms Pelosi do you know how many desperate veterans that twenty five million dollars you gave the Kennedy Center could have given a reason for living?” He tweeted. “My guess is you just don’t give a damn.”

“Amen Charlie!” One follower replied. “We have hard working veterans out of jobs can’t feed their families.” Pelosi was too wrapped up in her gourmet ice cream collection to worry about the little people. Instead, the money will go to Kennedy Center for “employee compensation and benefits, grants, contracts, rent or utilities, fees for artists or performers, information technology and other administrative expenses.” Charlie was angry, but he was just getting warmed up.

During a time of real desperation, Pelosi acts like a French Queen, funneling money to her cronies instead of working to get America back to work. It seems like some kind of horrible Deep State plot. One that threatens the very foundations of our nation.

The foundation of liberty and justice

“When institutions,” Daniels wrote in a recent opinion article, “put in place to serve the public in a fair and impartial fashion step over the bias line, it harms the very foundation of liberty and justice on which all of our nation was founded.” He’s absolutely right, and they are more than a few steps over that bias line.

According to the music legend, “the media went rogue a long time ago.” That may be their “prerogative” but they “violate their original mandate, to deliver news, untainted by personal political preferences.” If that weren’t bad enough, General Michael Flynn’s case shows “the American judicial system at its worst.”

Even though the Federal Bureau of Instigation was caught red handed framing Michael Flynn, the Judge wants to convict him anyway. As Charlie Daniels notes, “Judge Sullivan has evidently decided that he will be prosecuting attorney, judge, jury and arbiter of jurisprudence, in essence reopening a case where the charges have been dropped by the prosecution, charges that were obviously bogus to begin with.”


A national disgrace

Then their is James Comey. “a national disgrace and a dangerous loose cannon, who, as the Bible says, gags on a gnat and swallows a camel.” Hillary Clinton could do no wrong in the eyes of the FBI. Taking steps to destroy evidence of an illegally used email server was just an oversight. Destroying thousands of subpoenaed documents was no big deal. James Comey has been caught lying to the FISA court specifically to get a wire tap on the Trump campaign.

As Daniels notes, between the media, law enforcement, and judicial system, the Deep State has the “conglomerate power to hound, charge, or not charge, convict, and sentence innocent people to jail time, to defend or condemn, to investigate or ignore, to pass out light or heavy sentences or no sentences, all dependent on politics, ideology, or sometimes, just personal like or dislike.” What they are doing could even “subvert justice to the point where it doesn’t even really exist.”

Charlie Daniels is fed up with “Agenda-driven media, activist judges, and crooked law enforcement.” He also adds, these “are the things that make up nightmares and dictatorships.”


  1. As a teenager I met and shook hands with him after a free concert he put on at our school cafeteria when his semi broke down during a snow storm in front of Pavilion school there are 3 things I remember about him his smile his hand shake because he gives a real one weather your a man or a kid and the size of his hand Big !

  2. America is being siphoned out of The United States and poisonous deep state socialism is being forced down our throats by these drones of the devil. There is Right and there is Wrong. media and Demlibs are Wrong but they serve to control, WE, THE PEOPLE, with force and subjugation. Long Live The CONSTITUTION of THE UNITED STATES and God Bless Texas, God Bless America and God Bless President and First Lady Trump. hooyah

  3. Face it our laws are gone . Money talks . When the FBI , DOJ and law inforcement lie and turn a blind eye at law breakers for our congress house party . What the point ? The corruption runs to deep . The rich run our country not us , not the government . Laws are for poor people only . So called leaders like nasty Nancy , mad max and the other delusional democrat boot lickers that lie for what ever reason for the house for power . And what’s worse … not one arrest for their corruption. That’s the right question to ask

  4. Thank you Mr Daniels !!! GREAT speech !!! You nailed!! Thank you so much for your comments!! Our country needs more like you!!!

  5. STILL shaking my head about the money to the Kennedy Center – which promptly laid off most of the working staff – but not the admin types – and also ‘donated’ FIVE million to the dnc.
    I dare, nope double dog dare ‘princess’ to explain that to me face to face. I ‘might’ even offer her some of my cheap ice cream………………….


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