MSNBC Reporter Drops ‘N’ Word While Reporting Kobe Bryant’s Death

The N Word
Photo via Siameze Floyd YouTube Video Screenshot

These days, all it takes is one slip of the tongue and your career could be over.

Alison Morris, an MSNBC anchor, is now dealing with this very scenario after making a major gaffe during the reporting of Kobe Bryant’s death.

That Oops Moment

Unfortunately for Morris, most TV’s today have a real-time rewind feature.

When reporting the death of Kobe Bryant, she seemed to get tongue-tied during the segment, dropping what initially sounded like the N-word when trying to say the Lakers.

Here is the broadcast as it went out…

The backlash was immediate, as though this woman was purposely saying a racial slur on TV.

Morris quickly issued an apology, saying that she somehow combined the Knicks and Lakers, to get “Nakers” as she was doing the broadcast…

People were not buying what she was selling, though, and the liberal horde went after one of their own with a ferociousness that is usually saved for Trump supporters and conservatives.

If I am being honest, the first time I heard the broadcast, I thought she said the N-word.

I also did not think it was the atrocity that everyone was making it out to be.

You could clearly hear her stammering through the broadcast at the time, just trying to get the information out.

After seeing her tweet and listening to the recording more than a dozen times, I can sort of hear the “k” in there, but I can’t be sure.

Regardless, what we have here is a severe overreaction by people.

I don’t believe Morris is a racist, nor do I believe she would have purposely used this language during a broadcast and anyone thinking that simply needs a reality check.

Emotions were running high all day yesterday as the news of Bryant’s crash seemed to get worse and worse with every passing report.

I am not a fan of MSNBC, that is for sure, but Morris clearly does not deserve to get put on a spit and roasted for what was clearly an honest mistake.

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  1. I am a republican and a conservative…as much as I dislike MSNBC as well as CNN……I can honestly say I completely see what she was saying and got Lakers and Knicks combined and confused and it came out sounding like the “N” word…My question is WHY was she thinking of the Knicks…where did the Knicks even factor in to this conversation of the interview with the other correspondent in the field? That then makes you think a little bit more about her getting the words combined to sound like that??????

  2. I find the entire episode to be humorous. Whether the reporter said the “N” word or Nakers (which I don’t believe), is irrelevant. MSNBC wouldn’t hesitate for a second to destroy any conservative who came anywhere near such a boo-boo. The author makes an attempt to “cut her some slack” and that is fine with me, but there is never anyone on the MSNBC side of the aisle who would cut even Mother Teresa any slack.


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