MSNBC ‘Morning Joe’ Host Slams Nikki Haley with Nasty Accusations

Morning Joe

Over the weekend, Nikki Haley did the morning show circuit defending Donald Trump.

Then, on Tuesday, Haley did it again, and now she is being roasted by the media for her comments.

In fact, “Morning Joe” host Joe Scarborough made several nasty and ludicrous accusations against the former South Carolina governor and U.S. Ambassador.

Vying for VP

The first thing Scarborough said that most people missed is that he told Mike Pence to “duck.”

His implication was clear in that he believes Nikki Haley is vying to be the VP on Trump’s ticket.

Now, to this point, Trump has been adamant Pence will remain on the ticket.

Nikki Haley has never indicated she was even interested in being put on the ticket as the VP.

This entire narrative has been spun by the media in an effort to create a divide in this administration.

Lying for Trump

Scarborough then accused Haley of being part of corrupt D.C., when this woman has never done anything even remotely corrupt in her life.

Because she describes her time with Trump in a positive matter, she is now corrupt, though.

It did not stop there, either, as Scarborough flat out accused her of lying for Trump.

I have been following Nikki Haley for quite some time in politics and I can assure you of one thing… this woman does not bow or back down to anyone.

I have always loved the fact she is a straight shooter and I don’t see that changing now or ever.

If there is ever a side to be taken, until she proves otherwise, Haley deserved the benefit of the doubt.

This is a national news program absolutely shredding this woman for one simple reason… she supports Trump.

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  1. Scarborough is a piece of trash..Everytime he opens his mouth he exudes lies and filth..He cheated on his
    first wife with that screwball Mika and now tries to preach to anyone that will indulgence him, a line of
    BS…He cannot even come near to the first class Nikki Haley in truth and intelligence. He is a no nothing
    wanna be political pundant with no grasp of the inner workings of government. He is a joke.!


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